Fluoride Action Network

The New Professionals’ Statement

November 15, 2018: Professionals are asked to sign a new statement calling for the end of water fluoridation worldwide. This is a response to the new Mother-Offspring fluoride studies which, for the first time, identified the fetus as the most vulnerable to fluoride's adverse neurotoxic (brain damaging) effects. Professionals can add their name to this statement by clicking the link below.

International Signers

The following professionals have signed the Professionals’ Statement Calling for an End to Fluoridation.
— Original signers to the Statement do not have an asterisk preceding their name.

See below for links to U.S. signers.
– Professionals can add their name to this statement by clicking here.


Henry Lickers, BSc, Director, Department of the Environment of the Mohawks’ Council of Akwesasne
James W. Ransom, BSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tribal Chief, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe


* Khaiti Tassadit, PhD, Alger


Asociacion Argentina de Medicos por el Medio Ambeinte, AAMMA
* Raul Montenegro, PhD, Biologist, President of FUNAM, Right Livelihood Award 2004 (known as the Alternative Nobel Prize), Professor of Evolutionary Biology, National University of Cordoba


Elena Manvelyan, MD, PhD, Head, Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE), Yerevan


Caree Alexander, BDSc, Dentist, Port Macquarie, NSW
* Erica Baczynski, Registered Midwife, Perth
* Bev Baker, D. Hom, D. Ac, BM, DC, D.Th.M, D.r., Hervey Bay, Queensland
* Kerry Baker, RN, Gold Coast
* Rosie Balko, Clinical Psychologist, Castaways Beach/Sunshine Coast, Queensland
* Paul Barbara, Professional Pilot, Wollongong
* Mark Barone, DC, Albany Creek/Brisbane
* Kaye Barr, (Psychologist & Psychotherapist), B. Psych (Hons); Dip. Ed.; Grad. Dip. Psych.(Couns); Advanced Dip. in Psychotherapy, Perth
* Gordon Benz, DC, Perth
* Rod Berger, B.App.sc. (TCM),  Dip.App.sc. (NAT), Warana, Queensland
* Dominic Berry, PhD, physicist at Macquarie University, Sydney
* Leanne Blencowe, DC, Perth
Craig Boyden, Chartered Chemist, RACI, Laboratory Manager, Holland Park West, Queensland
Fiona Boyden, BN, RN, PRN, Townsville, Queensland
* Jonathon Brown, DDS, Box Hil
* Jacinta Buckley, RN, RM Post Grad Dip Counselling, Master Counselling, Sydney
* Dominic Burke, PhD, Toowoomba
Mary Rose Camilleri, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Community Mental Health, Blue Haven, NSW
* Malcolm Campbell, B.Pharm, Melbourne
Noel Campbell, BDSc, LDS, FACNEM, FASID, Visiting Professor, Hope Research Institute, Melbourne
* Sarah Carrucan, LLB, BA, Grad Dip LP, Warrnambool
* Richard A. Carter, ND, DAc, Port Macquarie, NSW
* Kate Cerrone, ND, Naturopathic doctor, Melbourne
* Martin Chamberlain, M.Sc (Aquaculture), Tanilba Bay
* Kathy Christodoulous, RN, RM, AdvDipAppSc(Naturopath), Mount Gambier
* Julien Cilento, RN, Mount Nebo, Queensland
* Karen Coates, MBBS, Diploma in Obstetrics, Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, member Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Gold Coast, Queensland
* Mark Colvin, MChiro (Master of Chiropractic), Ballarat
* Brad Corbett, BSc, M.HSc & B.App.Sc, Osteopath, Sydney,
Maureen Corbett, BSc, DipEd, ND, Hepburn, Victoria
* Damian Cross, Natural Resource Manager, AD AppSC, BSc, Narooma
* Samantha Culley, DC, Sunshine Coast
* Michael Czajka,  B App Sc Chemistry (Hons 1), B App Sc (Nursing), Dip Education, Grad Dip Bus Computing, B Bus Accounting, Sunshine
* Gregory Damato, PhD, Perth
* Andre Danforth, Emergency Physician, MBBS FACEM, Lismore
Eric Davis, BDSc, DipClinNutr, DipAC, FACNEM, ND, principal of a dental practice, a founding member and past president of the Australian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
* Rachael de Boer, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Health Science, Perth
* Aida Rita De Ceglie, PhD Sc, Perth
* David De Lio, PhD (Law), Melbourne
* Simon De Pomeroy, BSc, Sydney, NSW
Marc P. De Vecchi, B.Pharm, BHSc-Naturopathy, Pharmacist & Naturopath, Daylesford, Victoria
Mark Diesendorf, PhD, Director, Sustainability Centre, Sydney
* Mark Donohoe, MBBS, FASEM, Member of 12-person international committee on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Sydney, NSW
* Heidy Easter, Dental Hygienist, Perth
* Alison Eastment, ND, Medlow Bath
Doug N. Everingham, MB, BS, Australian Health Minister 1972-75, Brisbane, Queensland
Chris Ewan, Independent Water Consultant, Ballarat
* Carole Field, RN, Port Macquarie
* John Fielder, DO, DC, ND, Cairns
* Jim Gallagher, PhD, Lismore
Gerry Gillespie, President, Zero Waste Australia
Isaac Golden, PhD, D.Hom, ND, Director, Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy, Gisborne, Victoria
Veronica Griffin, PhD, MD, Director, Nutri-Concepts Clinics – Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and Chemical Detox, Cairns, Queensland
* Alan Gudenswager MBBS, Aspley, Queensland
* Fiona Gwynne, LLB, Grad Dip Psych, Sydney
* William T. Gwynne, MBA, Sydney
* Kim Hadley, RN, RM (Child, Adolescent & Family Health Nurse, Lactation Consultant Qualified), Onkaparinga Hills
Merilyn Haines, BAppSc (Med Lab Tech), Spokesperson, Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation Inc., Brisbane
* Rachel Hall, BChD (Holistic dentist), Brisbane
* Michelle Hankinson, BoralH – Bachleor of Oral Health, Townsville
Andrew Harms, BDS, Airforce dentist (1978-83), private practice (1983-present), member of the Australian Dental Association, President of South Australia ADA, 1996, Adelaide
* Brett Hill, M Chiro, Chiropractor, Wellness expert and Columnist, Adelaide
Eve Hillary, BHSc, ND, RN, associate member Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Sydney, NSW
Brook Hinckley, BMetE (Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering), Principal Metallurgist, Sydney, NSW
* Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk, Health Care Professionals Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Lismore Heights
* Georgie Hope, BSc, Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, Brisbane
* David Horwood, MAgSc, Melbourne
* Logan Hurford, BSc, BEd, Gold Coast
Councillor Lisa Intemann, BA(Hons), BAppSc, Community Development worker of 30 years, Wauchope, NSW
* Serene Johnson, BSN, New Lambton
* Allan Jones, Mechanical Engineer with water and sewerage treatment experience, Lithgow NSW
* Archie Julien, PhD, Walkerston, Queensland
* Tracy Kendall, RN, Brisbane
* Noel Keogh, BPharm, Armidale
* Francoise Kingsley, ND, Tanah Merah, Queensland
* Rosemarie Kirkland, BDS, BSc, Mackay, Queensland
* Dan Kotler, MD, Brisbane
* Mark Krkac, ND, HbT, B.HSc. (Nat.Med), McGraths Hill
* Janelle Lankow, DC, BSc, Toowoomba
* Walter Last, MSc (Chemistry), Mackay, Queensland
* Jonathan Leishman, ND, Brisbane, Queensland
* Jane Leonforte, RN, Corinda, Queensland
Peter Linaker, ASMB (Dip.Mech.Eng), BSc (Phys, Maths) retired consultant in science and engineering, elected member, Barwon Water Authority (1991-1993), currently Secretary, Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation (BAFF), Geelong
* Peter Lines, MBBS FRACGP (General Medical Practitioner), Narembeen, Western Australia
Mariann Lloyd-Smith, PhD (Law), Senior Advisor, National Toxics Network Inc., East Ballina, NSW
* Helen Lobato, Critical Care Nurse, Melbourne
* Colin Locke, DC, DO, ND, FANTA, 40 yrs in private clinical practice, president, Lismore Branch of the Freedom From Fluoride Association, Lismore
* Robyn Lucienne, LLB, Queensland
* John Lusk, PhD, MSc, Retired university teacher and researcher in Earth Science, Dunbogan, Reunion
* Ann Mackintosh, RN (Div 1), Past president, Geelong Association Against Compulsory Fluoridation, Geelong, Victoria
* Joan Marie MacKintosh , RN (Retired), Geelong, Victoria
* Angus Macqueen, PhD (Biological Sciences, Canada), Brisbane, Queensland
* Jane MacRoss, RN (Division 1), Hoddles Creek
* Lilian Malcolm,  M.Ed, Condon,  Queensland,
Lisa Matriste, BDSc, Dentist, Malvern, Victoria
* Wallace McLintock, ND, D. HOM, Buderim, Queensland
David McRae, BSc(Hons), Grad Dip (Human Services), Health Promotion Officer, Geelong
* Bernadette McShane, MBBS, D ObsRCOG, DNEM (General Practitioner), Brisbane
Hans H. Nehrlich, PhD, Private Practice Orthomolecular Medicine, ret. university lecturer, Germany and Australia, Brisbane
* Sandra Northey, BSc(Hons) Chemistry, LLB Hons, BSc(Ed), Wodonga, Victoria
* Miriam Orwin, LLB, ND, author: “Slim for Life , Melbourne, Victoria
Geoff Pain, PhD, Lecturer in Science, University of Notre Dame, Environmental Consultant, Member of the Western Australia Environment Minister’s Panel of Experts, Member of the Australian Labor Party Environment and Conservation Policy Committee, Perth
* John Piesse, MBBS  Dip Obst, FACNEM (Nutritional & Environmental Medicine), Melbourne
* Anne Pieters, ND, Mackay, Queensland
* Crystel Poggioli, B Occ Thy, Atherton
* Matthew Polock, Mchiro, BSc, Port Macquarie
* Alexandra Popovich, Bachelor of Oral Health and Oral Health Therapy, Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist, Brisbane
* Mark Postles, DC, Sunshine Coast
* Nicola Provan, LLB, Colac, Victoria
* Nyree Pryce, ND, Port Macquarie, NSW
* Chris Purdie, MSc.Ed, Science Educator, Brisbane
* Norman Ralph, BPharm (Ret.), Erina, NWS
* Janette Roberts, B.Pharm, Diploma Clinical Nutrition, Sydney, NSW
Philip Robertson, BHSc, ND, a Naturopath from Australia, formerly lecturer in Health Sciences at Victoria University, currently a consultant in functional pathology testing, Carmoora Clinic, Geelong
* Suzanne Robertson, BSc (Hons) Master of Couns Psych (Psychologist), Sunshine Coast, Queensland
* Melanie Robinson, ND BHSc, Port Macquarie, NWS
Ruth Rollinson, RN (retired), Mirani, Queensland
* Terry Rose, BSc (Biochemistry), BDS, Melbourne
Jean Ryan, BSc, Nutrition and Dietetics, RN, Brisbane, Queensland
John A. Ryan, MBBS,  MSc, Nutrition, FRACGP, DCH, FAMAC (Acupuncture), FACNEM (Nutritional & Environment. Med), FICAN (Nutrition,USA), MICGP (Ireland), Brisbane, Queensland
Natalie L. Ryan, MBBS, DA, FRACGP, General Medical Practitioner, Warrnambool
G. William Sanday, DO, Glen Davis, NSW
* Laurenne Schreuders, ND, BHS, Perth
* Roy Schrieke, PhD (Chemistry), FRACI, former Head of Chemistry and Head of the School of Science, University of Ballarat, Victoria
* Margaret Seydel, RN, Clunes, New South Wales
* Jennifer Sharp, B Pharm, Member of Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Brisbane, Queensland
* Michael Sichel, DO, ND, toxicologist in heavy metals, Chittaway Bay
* J. Erik Skar, DC, Gold Coast
Carol Skeggs, RN (retired), Mackay, Queensland
* Alison Smith, BSN, Mount Gambier, South Australia
* Jake Snibson, PhD, Glen Waverley
* Tracey Sobolski, RN, BSN, Adelaide
* Lorraine Spalding, RN, Lara
* Simon Stanley, PhD, Perth
* Magdalena Steffens-Bartrim, MSc (Hydrology), Brisbane
* David Steele, BVSc(Hons), BAppSc, Brisbane
* Grace Stolarek, PhD Chemist, Canberra
Philip Stowell, MBBS (London), Fellow and Board Member, College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, General Practice, Brisbane, Queensland
* Elisabeth Stuart-Fox, MPH, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Moggill
Janet Tallon, RN (retired), Bundaberg, Queensland
* Stefan Talmatzky, BA, Dr. h.c., Bermagui, NSW
* Carsen Tannberg, DC, ND, Wollongong
* Andrew Taylor, BDS, Founding member ASOMAT (Australasian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), Newrybar, NSW
* Paul Thomson, ND, RN, Sydney
* Tracy Timbery, RN, RM (registered midwife), Chevron Island, Queensland
* William Tonisson, PhD, Brisbane
* Minh Tuan Tran, Bachelor Of Medical Radiation (Radiation Therapy), Adelaide, South Australia
Eli Ussher, BAS Conservation Technology, sewage treatment plant operator, NSW
* Emmanuel Varipatis, MD, Manly, Sydney
* Julie Vincent, RN, Adelaide
* Judith Wade, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist, Hervey Bay, Queensland
* Heather Way, PhD (Biochemistry), Brisbane
* Richard Wells, Director of Envirodata, President of Eureka Group, Lismore, NSW
* Yvonne Westall, RN, Brisbane
Leisa Wheeler, ND, Hippocrates Health Centre, Mudgeeraba, Queensland
* Barbara White, ND, Mackay, Queensland
* Joris Wu, MSc, Brisbane, Queensland


Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Rudolf Ziegelbecker, Graz
Rudolf Ziegelbecker, Ing., Honored “Citizen of the City of Graz”, retired member of the Institute for Environmental Research Graz, Research Center Graz, Austria, former member of the New York Academy of Sciences, European expert witness in several governmental and parliamentary hearings on fluoridation, co-author of the book “Vorsicht Fluor” with Dr MO Bruker (Emu Verlag, Lahnstein, 2005, Gemany). Since 1969 authored numerous scientific papers, critical analyses and comments revealing the ineffectiveness of fluoridation, which essentially contributed to the cessation of water fluoridation in all the cities of 9 of 11 “fluoridated” European countries including Eastern European states. Graz


* R. John Clement, MRSC (ENG), LRCP (London), D.OBST.RCOG, Freeport


* Robin Upton, PhD, Founder of Altruists International, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Prapti Wahyuningsih, BSc Environmental engineering, Program Officer/Community Development expert (solid waste management and domestic waste water), Bali Fokus Foundation, Sesetan-Denpasar


Eugeniy Lobanov, BSc, Toxics Campaigner, environmental group FRI


* Magda Aelvoet, MD, Former Minister of Public Health, Leuven
* Marc Boogaerts, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine-Hematology, Leuven
* Peter Cremers, MA, Journalist, Welle
Prof. Dr. Luc Hens, Vakgroep Menselijke Ecologie (Human Ecology Department), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Brussels
* Dominique Jooken, DDS, Hasselt
* Peter Malaise, Concept Manager of Ecover, world market leader in sustainable hygiene products, Aartselaar
* Johan Malcorps, PhD, Former MP, Antwerp
Chris Vermeire, Journalist, Antwerp
* Luc Wollaert, MD, Brasschaat
* Peter Wollaert, MD, Merksem


* Alice Amaral, MD, Minas Gerais
* França Alves André Luiz, DC, Rio de Janeiro
* Tamar Bajgielman, Biologist, PhD (Anthropology), MSc (Ethnobotany), Rio de Janeiro
* Natália Belei, ND, Rio de Janerio
* Marcio Botelho, MD, Fortaleza
* Nelson Luiz Busatta, Dentist, Tapurah
* Gilmara Carneiro, BSc, Forest Engineer, São Paulo
* Elaine Cimino, DDS, São Paulo
* Alexandre Cruz, MSc (hydrogeology), Rio de Janeiro
* Airton Soares Cruz, Tecnico, Rio de janeiro
* André Luis Yorgos Ezías, JD, São Paulo
* Anizio Luiz Freitas de Mesquita, Professional Surgeon Dentist, Brasília
* Érico A. Farias, BHSc, DPT, PhysicalTherapist Distrito Federal – Brasília
* Murillo Cruz Filho, DSc, MSc, Professor, Rio de Janeiro
* Phelipe Folgierini, DDS, Distrito Federal
* Luciano Fonseca, MD, Dentistry professional, Juiz de Fora
* Erica Fortaleza, MD, Brasília
* Jane Waked F Gomes, MBA, BSc (Information Technology), Bahia
* Jorge P.A. Jamili, MD, Rio de Janeiro
* Marcileia Lacerda, Sociology, São Paulo
* Nelson Lima, MD, Belem
* Lina Magni, MA (Environmental Studies), Brasília
* Marcus Miyata, Architect, Curitiba
* Luiz Moras, Engenheiro Civil do INEA-RJ, Rio de Janeiro
* Clarissa Nogueira, MD, PhD, Campinas
* Olympio Faissol Pinto, DDS, M.Sc., Rio de Janeiro
* Paulo Ramos, PhD, Environment analist at the Federal Institute Chico Mendes of Biodiversity Conservartion, Brasília
* Tatiana Reis, Dentist-Surgeon, Varginha
* Louis Ricci, PhD, Psychology Professor at the Universidade Federal de MInas Gerais, Belo Horizonte
* Olga Rodrigues, RN, Florianopolis
* Suzana Saadi, Psychologist, Niteroi
* Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor), Director, International Medical Veritas Association, Joao Pessoa
* Patricia Vencato, RD, Porto Alegre
* Paula M. Yamaguti, DDS, PhD student, University of São Paulo


Ivaylo Hlebarov, Member of the Board for the Environmental Association “Za Zemiata” (For the Earth), Sofia
* Peter Mihaylov, MD, PhD, Stara Zagora
* Tanya Mihaylova, MPh (Pharmaceutical science), Stara Zagora
* Plamen Totishev, DDS, Plovdiv


* Aju’ah Nkohkwo, PharmD, Douala

CANADA: Alberta

* Donna Andrews Oswald, MA, R.Ac., Calgary, Alberta
* Gloria Askew, RN (retired), Calgary, Alberta
* David  Beck, PhD, Edmonton, Alberta
James Beck, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Medical Biophysics, University of Calgary, Alberta
Warren Bell, BA, MD, CM, CCFP, President, ACIPBC (Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC), Calgary, Alberta
* Dianne Benner, RN, Calgary, Alberta
* Bernie Berube, Level 3 Certification WT,WD,WWC, Level 1 WWT Alberta Environmental Protection, Drayton Valley, Alberta
* Brett Binette, MD, DHHP, DMH, St. Albert, Alberta
* Raj Dhillon, BSc PT, Edmonton, Alberta
Robert C. Dickson, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Calgary, Alberta
* Richard Edward, RPh  BSc. Pharmacy, Camrose, Alberta
* Thomas F. Evans, DDS, BSc, BPharm, Calgary, Alberta
* Darrel Florence, DVM, MSc, Calgary, Alberta
* Sean Freiberg, DMD, Calgary, Alberta
* Verona Goodwin, MSc, Industrial Hygiene Consultant, Edmonton, Alberta
Ella Haley, PhD, Assistant Professor, Centre for Global and Social Analysis, Athabasca University, researching contaminated communities near phosphate processing factories, Edmonton, Alberta
David R. Hill, PEng, Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary, research consultant & Scientific Auditor for Canadian government programs (SR&ED & NSERC) providing financial support to industry and universities, Calgary, Alberta
* Karine Jacob, DC, Slave Lake, Alberta
* Scott Jarvis, MD, PhD, Calgary, Alberta
* Jeanette Lewis, RN, Calgary, Alberta
Jon Lord, former Alderman Calgary City Council, former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta
* Lorin Low, DDS, Cardston, Alberta
Cameron I. MacLean, DDS, General practitioner and Faculty, Oragnathic Bioesthetics International (OBI), Calgary, Alberta
* David MacLean, DDS, Calgary, Alberta
* David Manning, ND, Calgary, Alberta
* Todd Newfield, DC, Red Deer, Alberta
* Dale Rustebakke, DDS, Calgary, Alberta
* G. Schwalfenberg, MD, Edmonton, Alberta
* Owen Schwartz, MD, Calgary, Alberta
Nestor B. Shapka, DDS, Bonnyville, Alberta
* Tris Trethart, MD, Edmonton, Alberta
Dave Warwick, DDS, Hanna, Alberta
* Lorne Wasylucha, DDS, BSC, Calgary, Alberta
Murray J. Vimy, DMD, practicing dentist and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Dept. of Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Calgary, Alberta
* Melissa Voll, BS, Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, Edmonton, Alberta

CANADA: British Columbia

* Erin Anderson, DC, Victoria, BC
* Jason Boxtart, ND, Prince George, BC
* James Bradley, DDS, Powell River, BC
* Garry Darychuk, RPF (Registered Professional Forester, UBC), Kamloops, BC
* Denis Gagne, BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), Terrace, BC
* Elizabeth Innes, BSc Pharmacy, MA Ed, Sechelt, BC
Richard G. Foulkes, MD, Abbotsford, BC
* Kim Hunter, Artist, Vancouver, BC
* Marilyn Idle, LLB, JD, Biosphere and Human Wellness Advocate, Christina Lake, BC
* Christine Lemaire, DO, Vancouver, BC
* Darren McNaughton, DC, Sorrento, BC
* Harley Monks, BA, B.Ed, Vancouver, BC
* John F. Montague, DDS, Coquitlam, BC
Gurdev Parmar, BSc, ND, Fort Langley, BC
* Ron Pashkewyc, DC, Gibsons, BC
* Donna Rasplica, MSc, Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist, Salmon Arm, BC
* Carol Reid, BSW, MSWw/dip, Port Moody, BC
* Ian Sanderson, DC, Delta, BC
* Duncan Stewart, PhD, Psych., Victoria, BC
* David Tambellini, MSc, Christina Lake, BC
* Margaret Woodlock, BSc, HEc, PDt, Victoria, BC

Canada: Manitoba

* Trevor Adams, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Claim Adjuster, Winnipeg, Manitoba
* Gerald Bohemier, DC, Winnipeg, Manitoba
* John Bullied, PhD, Winnipeg, Manitoba
* Allan Hawkins, DC, Minnedosa, Manitoba
* Joe Hawkins, DC, BS, Winnipeg, Manitoba
* Tania Hoogervorst, RN, Winnipeg, Manitoba
* Wilma Ireland, DC, Stonewall, Manitoba
* Ben Neufeld, DC, St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba
* Robyn Olshewski, RDH, Winnipeg, Manitoba
* Albert Perez, PhD, Winnipeg, Manitoba
* Gerard Scott-Herridge, DC, Winnipeg, Manitoba

CANADA: New Brunswick

* Heidi Paris, RN, Moncton, New Brunswick
* Una Scott, DDS, St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Northwest Territories

* Maria Pelova, MD, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

CANADA: Nova Scotia

* Alison Petten, RN BScN, Vice President of EHANS (The Environmental Health Assoc of Nova Scotia), Halifax, Nova Scotia
* Lorna Wood Houck, RN, Windsor, Nova Scotia

CANADA: Ontario

* Kayvan Abaiian, MD, MSc, Ottawa, Ontario
* Vanessa Arnold, DC, Toronto, Ontario
* Louise Arpin, OT, FIS, LaSalle, Ontario
* Alexander Audette, RAc (Registered Acupuncturist), B.Eng. (Chem), Cambridge, Ontario
Kent Babcock, DDS, Oakville, Ontario
* Jane Baker-Maloney, RPN, BSc Hon. Bio, B.Ed, Ottawa, Ontario
* Susie Bankert, Water Treatment Level 1, Welland, Ontario
* Michel Barbeau, RNA (Registered Nurse Anesthetist, retired), Thunder Bay, Ontario
* Ruth Bednar, Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner; Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, Gravenhurst, Ontario
* Kathleen Bernardi, RDH, King City, Ontario
Rosalie Bertell, PhD, Regent of the Board, International Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland, Retired President, International Institute of Concern for Public Health, Toronto, Ontario
* Carole Beveridge, BScPhm, Waterloo, Ontario
* Jim Bjork, OD, Huntsville, Ontario
* Michelle Black, RDH, Ottawa, Ontario
* Zuzka Borovjakova, CNP, CRHP (Certified Nutritionist and professional chef), Toronto, Ontario
Joan Bowie, BNSc, nurse, Kingston, Ontario
* Marissa Brennan, ND, BSc, Mississauga, Ontario
* Balesh Bune, PhD (International Environment & Development Studies), Toronto, Ontario
* Robert Button, BScPharm, Dryden, Ontario
* Anouk Chaumont, ND, Dalkeith, Ontario
* France Chevalier, DDS, DMD, Ottawa, Ontario
* Pat Chow-Fraser, PhD, Hamilton, Ontario
* Diane Christie, BScPhm, RPh, Whitby, Ontario
* Robert Clinton, DDS, Kingston, Ontario
* Greg Considine, Water Treatment (Water Distribution level 2, Waste Water Collection level 2, Operating Engineer Fourth Class), Simcoe, Ontario
* John Coombs, MD, Fallbrook, Ontario
* Gerald Cooper, MBA, BEng(Mech), Toronto, Ontario
* John Cosgrove, ND, MSc, Barrie, Ontario
* Cathy Cripps, RN, BSc, Guelph, Ontario
Joe Cummins, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Genetics, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
* Victoria Dale-Harris, DVM, ND, Toronto, Ontario
* Francesco Dallan, DC, BS, Guelph, Ontario
* David S. Da Silva, JD/LL.B, Toronto, Ontario
* Bianca Delfosse BSc, MSc, Madoc, Ontario
* Paul Demeda, RNCP, ROHP, Toronto, Ontario
* Boyana Djokic, BScPhm, Toronto, Ontario
• Mitra Doherty, BDS, Waterloo, Ontario
* Henry Dudgeon, 3rd Class Water/ 2nd Class Sewage, Water and Wastewater Plant Operator, Dryden, Ontario
* Leonard A. Dyck, Ontario Class IV Operator, Dryden Water Treatment Plant,  Ontario
* Sharon Emanuel, RPh, BSc Pharmacy, CDE, Ottawa, Ontario
* Mila Emerald, PhD, Dr. Sc, London, Ontario
* Mireille Fanous, ND, Ottawa, Ontario
* Silvia Fath, I.C.A.D.C. (International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor), Brampton, Ontario
* Sandy Firman, RN (retired), Thunder Bay, Ontario
* Gary Fortinsky, DDS, FCAH (homeopath), North York, Ontario
* Pamela Frank, BSc, ND, Toronto, Ontario
* Elvin Frempong-Manso, DC, Mississauga, Ontario
* Brenda Gallie, MD, Toronto, Ontario
* John Gannage, MD, Toronto, Ontario
* Libuse Gilka, MD, Ottawa, Ontario
* Josh Gitalis, Ba(H) CNP RNCP/ROHP, Toronto, Ontario
Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg, MES, PhD, Toronto, Ontario
* David Green, President, Rocky Ridge Drinking Water Ltd, Peterborough, Ontario
* Tammy Gouweloos, RDH, Barrie, Ontario
* Gina Ha, DDS, Toronto, Ontario
* Barry Hardy , WT III, WWT II, Chief Operator Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants, Dryden, Ontario
* Gerald Harris, BS, M.Ed (Teaching Chemistry & Water Analysis for over 25 years), Peterborough, Ontario,
* Ron Harris,  PhD, LL.B, H.D,C.M.D, D.Ac, PG.Ch.E, Waterloo, Ontario
* Patrick Hewitt, DC, Mississauga, Ontario
* Joe Hird, Water Treatment Plant Operator (WD1, WC1), Waterford, Ontario
* Arie Hoogenboom, City Manager, Dryden, Ontario
* Andrew Houlson, Eng.D, Toronto, Ontario
* Laura Hughes, RDH, London, Ontario
* Hany Jadaa,  M.Sc (Organic Chemistry),  M.Sc (Environmental Engineering), Oakville, Ontario
* François Jooste, BSc (Pharm /Chem), HD, MBA, Jordan, Ontario
* Stefanie Koerner, RHN, Hamilton, Ontario
* Nora Keating, PhD, Biophysical chemist, London, Ontario
* Peter Keech, PhD, London, Ontario
* Wahid Khan, MEd., BA, Maple, Ontario
* Jaimy Kiiskila, RN, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Pam Killeen, co-author of the NY Times bestselling book, The Great Bird Flu Hoax, London, Ontario
* Cindy Knight, RHN, RNCP, ROHP, London, Ontario
* Gail Krantzberg, PhD (toxicologist), Professor and Director of the Centre for Engineering and Public Policy in the School of Engineering Practice, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
* Jozef Krop, MD, Author, Healing the Planet One Patient at a Time: A Primer in Environmental Medicine (Kos Publishing), Mississauga, Ontario
* Neima Langner, MD, FRCPC, Ottawa, Ontario
* Michel Levert, BEd, MEd, Ottawa, Ontario
Hardy Limeback, PhD, DDS, Assoc. Professor and Head of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto, Past President, Canadian Association for Dental Research, and Member of the 2006 National Research Council panel which reviewed the toxicology of fluoride, Mississauga, Ontario
* Brent Lipke, DC, Guelph, Ontario
* Karen Logan, DDS, MSc, BSc Hons (Zoology), London, Ontario
* Sharon Malkin, RN, Toronto, Ontario
* Robert Manten, P.Eng., QEP (Professional Engineer; Qualified Environmental Professional), Waterdown, Ontario
* Carmel Marentette, B.Sc.Phm., Chatham, Ontario
* Brad Marsh, B.Sc., B.Ed., Mississauga, Ontario
* Deborah Matear, RDH, Richmond Hill, Ontario
* Kevin Matheson, DC, Orillia, Ontario
* Robyn Matthews, Water Treatment Plant Operator (WT4, WD3, WWC2, 12 years; Water Distribution and Collection Supervisor, 8 years), Waterford, Ontario
* Teresa Mayne, BHSc & MClSc, Mississauga, Ontario
* Larry McCuaig, PhD (Nutrition), Ottawa, Ontario
* Ruth McKay, PhD, Orillia, Ontario
* Brian D. McLean, DDS, Barrie, Ontario
* Afie Mensah, RN, Toronto, Ontario
* Kallie Miller, RN, London, Ontario
* Anne Marie Mingiardi, MD, Waterloo, Ontario
* Michel Morton, BScN, MScN, Dmin, Thunder Bay, Ontario
* Coralee Mueller, OD (Doctor of Optometry), Oshawa, Ontario
* Eric Mullins, DMD, Welland, Ontario
* Lynne Myers, RPN, Ottawa, Ontario
* Barbara Nardi, RN, Hamilton, Ontario
* Kenneth Ng, BS, MRT (Medical Radiation), Niagara Falls, Ontario
* Daniel Novlofski, PhD (computer science), Toronto, Ontario
* Maria Orzepowski, Midwife, RN, Diabetes Educator, Caledon, Ontario
* M. Ann Phillips, PhD, Toronto, Ontario
* Cornelia Radulovici, MD, ND, Toronto, OIntario
* Sandy Rains, RN, London, Ontario
* Hagen Rampes, MBChB, Toronto, Ontario
* Maureen Reilly, Director, SludgeWatch, Toronto, Ontario
* Jamie Richards, DC, B.Kin, London, Ontario
* Mark A. Richardson, DDS, BSc, London, Ontario
* Sheila Richardson, RN, Past CNO Council Member, Rockwood, Ontario
* Tara Ricketts, RPh, BScPharm, Kitchener, Ontario
* Richard Riley, DDS, BPHE, BA, Huntsville, Ontario
* Michael Ross, MFA, Toronto, Ontario
* Rondell Ross, MD, Toronto, Ontario
* Melissa Rowan, RECE (Registered Early Childhood Educator), Waterloo, Ontario
* Aguinaldo Sakhi, PhD, Hamilton, Ontario
* Michelle Sansom, RN, Stoney Creek, Ontario
* Laura Santoro, DDS, Toronto, Ontario
* Oksana M. Sawiak, DDS, MAGD, Mississauga, Ontario
* David Schram, Water Treatment Plant Operator (WD1, WWC2), Simcoe, Ontario
* Ronald Scott DDS, Brantford, Ontario
* Angelika Seibert, RDH, Niagara Falls, Ontario
* Elisabeth Serbinski, DC, Toronto, Ontario
* Tak Seto, DDS, Toronto, Ontario
* Rhonda Shuter, RN, LNC (Integrative Healthcare Consultant), Toronto, Ontario
* Dolores Sicheri, MD, FRCPC, Thunder Bay, Ontario
* Claudio Silvaggi, BASc, P.ENG, Windsor, Ontario
* Joel Simoes, Holistic Nutritionist, Brampton, Ontario
* Debra Smith, Registered Midwife, Sarnia, Ontario
* Melissa Smith, PhD, Hamilton, Ontario
* Kathryn Snaidero, RN, Hamilton, Ontario
W. Gary Sprules, PhD, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
* Marc St-Denis, DC, Ottawa, Ontario
* Nadine Stolpner, MSW, RSW, Toronto, Ontario
* Aine Suttle, OT.Reg.(Ont), (Occupational Therapist), Toronto, Ontario
* Josef Svoboda, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Burlington, Ontario
* Len Swanson, Water Treatment Plant (3rd Class Water Operator), Dryden, Ontario
* George Tamari, PhD, Thornhill, Ontario
* Sheldon Thomas, Principal of Clear Water Legacy (engaged in the training of potable water system operators), former Manager of Water Distribution for the City of Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario
* Derrick Thornborrow, OD (Doctor of Optometry), Waterdown, Ontario
* Ewa Tobin, DDS, Thornton, Ontario
Peter L.D. Van Caulart, Dip. A.Ed. CES, CEI, VP & Director, Environmental Training Institute, Fonthill, Ontario
* Jon Walcott, OD, Erin, Ontario
* Ken Walker, MD, Toronto, Ontario
* David Ward, MD, BSc, Dip.Sport Med. (family physician), Owen Sound, Ontario
* Farid Wassef, Pharm RPh, CCN, BSc, Stouffville, Ontario
* Elva Watts, RN, Registered  Midwife, Chairwoman DRHC Hospital Board (2002-2006), Dryden, Ontario
* Earlene Wernham, Homeopathic Doctor, London, Ontario
* Robert Wiley, ME, Member Canadian Water Quality Association with 10 years experience in all aspects of industrial and commercial water treatment, Thunder Bay, Ontario
* James Winter, PhD, LaSalle, Ontario
* Ken Wolch, DMD, Toronto, Ontario
* Gordie Wright, Water Treatment Plant Operator (Ontario Class 3 Certificate), Dryden, Ontario
* Phillip Youngman, PhD, Mammalogist, Ottawa, Ontario
* Joelle Zagury, OD, Ottawa, Ontario
* Eroca Zeviar, RN (ret.), Alternative Health Teacher/Practitioner, Ottawa, Ontario

CANADA: Québec

* Dominique Abran, ND, Verdun, Québec
María Acosta, BSc, Secretary, Québec’s Academy of Biological Dentistry, Montréal, Québec
* Céline Adam, ND, Beloeil, Québec
* Eve-Marie Arcand, DDS, Canton de Melbourne, Québec
* Nathalie Archambault, ND, St-Mathias, Québec
Céline Arsenault, ND, Naturopath, La Prairie, Québec
* Danielle Beauchamp, ND, Montréal, Québec
* Suzanne Beauregard, DC, Sherbrooke, Québec
* Martina Bielefeld, PhD, ND, MSc, Montréal, Québec
* Denise Boulanger, ND, Sherbrooke, Québec
* Diane Boutin, ND, St Jean sur Richelieu, Québec
* Barry Breger, MD (orthomolecular medicine), Montreal, Québec
* Gaétan Brouillard, MD (Functional and integrative medicine), Montreal, Québec
* Simon Brouillard, DES-DEC, Laval, Québec
* Régine Cannas, ND, Terrebonne, Québec
* Audrez Castonguay, ND, Québec
* Marie-Claude Champagne, ND, Sutton, Québec
* Denis Moise Chouinard, DC, Gatineau, Québec
* Pierre Cloutier, MD, Magog, Québec
* Yves Comeau, MD, Montreal, Québec
Emmanuel Comte, ND, Montréal, Québec
Aline Côté, PhD (Literature), publisher of scientific books for 25 years and University teacher in publishing, owner of Éditions Berger which published Fluoridation: Autopsy of a Scientific Error by Dr Pierre-Jean Morin, John Remington Graham and Gilles Parent, ND, Montréal, Québec
Daniel-J. Crisafi, PhD (biochemistry), ND, Clinical Director pH Santé Beauté Inc., Montréal, Québec
* Nicole DesRoches, Executive Director, Conseil régional de l’environnement et de développement durable de l’Outaouais (CREDDO), Gatineau, Québec
* Sylvie de Tonnancour, ND, Grand-Mère, Québec
* Mariola Czezyk-Livernoche, ND, MA, Montréal, Québec
* Korah Dileep, ND, Gatineau, Québec
Jean-Yves Dionne, BSc Pharm, pharmacist, Montreal, Québec
* François-Guy Dore, MD, Montreal, Québec
* Jocelyne Drouin, ND, Beauport, Québec
Eric Ducharme, ND, Sainte-Anne de la Rochelle, Québec
* Robert Duchesne, RN (retired), Trois-Rivières, Québec
* Guy Duquet, DMD, Longueuil, Québec
Jonathan Duquette, PhD (science of religions), Physician (Maîtrise), Montréal, Québec
* Diane Ferland, ND, Québec City, Québec
* Karine Fleurant, ND, L’Assomption, Québec
* Darlene Fortin, ND, Métabetchouan, Québec
* Julie Fortin, ND, Chicoutimi, Québec
Roseline Gagnon, MSc (Nutrition), ND, Candiac, Québec
* Christine Gamache, DC, Levis, Québec
Diane Gauthier, ND, Naturopathe diplomée, Sherbrooke, Québec
Louis Gauthier, DDS, Private practice, member, Quebec Academy of Biocompatible Dentistry (ADBQ), member of the Quebec Dental Board, Québec City
* Michel Gauvin, ND, Le Bic, Québec
* Anne-Hélène Genné, ND, Montrea, Québec
* Lynda Goupil, ND, Rosemere, Québec
John Remington Graham, LLB, of the Minnesota Bar, co-author, La Fluoration Autopsie d’une Erreur Scientifique, 2005, now living in St-Agapit, Québec
* Diane Croteau Grenier, ND, St-Bruno, Québec
* Alain Grouette, ND, BHSP, BIP-S, Psychothérapeute, Ville de Québec, Québec
Mireille Guay, PhD (organic chemistry), Sherbrooke, Québec
Galina Husaruk, Thérapeute, Québec
* François Jacques, ND, Montréal, Québec
* Alina M. Kopec, ND, MA, SNE, Montréal (St-Laurent), Québec
* Yvan Labelle, ND, Saint-Jérôme, Québec
* Ghislain Ladouceur, biologist, director of the Bureau de l’Outaouais-Abitibi-Témiscamingue of the Association des biologistes du Québec, Gatineau Québec
Julie Lafrance, DMD, dentiste holistique, Longueuil, Québec
* Brigitte Lafrenière, ND, Val-D’or, Québec
* Hélène Lamothe, RN (retired), Trois-Rivières, Québec
Isabelle Langevin, ND, Sherbrooke, Québec
* Daniel Laramee, DDS, Montreal, Québec
* Philippe Lariviere, DC, Montreal, Québec
Pierre Larose, DDS, Retired A/Major, Canadian Forces Dental Services, Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry, Founding member, Québec Holistic Dental Association and currently, Vice-President International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Montréal, Québec
* Marie-Claude Larouche, ND, Otterburn Park, Québec
* Anne Marie Léger, ND, Montreal, Québec
Gilles Leroux, MSc, Biologie, ND, Montréal, Québec
* Marie-Hélène Lessard, ND, St-Hubert, Québec
* Christian Linard, PhD, DEPD, CSPQ (Clinical Chemist and molecular biologist), Trois-Rivières, Québec
Jean-Claude Magny, ND, PhD, Director École d’enseignement supérieur de natupathie du Québec, Member of Groupe de recherche en approche intégrée en santé – Université du Québec à Montréal (GRAIS-UQAM), Montréal, Québec
* François Marginean, Tech. Architecture, St-David, Québec
* Rioux Marie-Josée, ND, Membre de l’A.D.N.Q. Montréal, Québec
* Domenica Mariotti, ND, Laval, Québec
* Lucette Martel, ND, Montreal, Québec
* Ghislaine Martin, ND, BSc biologie, Québec City, Québec
* Cyril Meyre, ND, Montréal, Québec
* Élie Monick-Juliette, ND, Montréal, Québec
* Anne-Lucie Morel, ND, Montreal, Québec
Pierre-Jean Morin, PhD, Director of medical research at Laval University Hospital (1973-1979) and principal author of La fluoration: autopsie d’une erreur scientifique (Éditions Berger, Eastman, QC, 2005), Québec
Louis Nadeau, Physicist/Neuroscientist, Université Laval, Québec
* Suzie Nault, ND, St-Hippolyte, Québec
Maurice Nicole, Naturopathe, St-Félix-de-Valois, Québec
* Véronique Nicole, ND, Montréal, Québec
* Pierre Normandeau, ND, Québec City
* Anny Ouellet, ND, Trois-Pistoles, Québec
* Louise Paquet, Master of Science (Applied), Industrial Hygienist, CSSS de la Pointe-de-l’Ile (Occupational Health Program), Montreal, Québec
* Jo Ann Paradis, ND, Membre de l’A.D.N.Q., St-Eustache, Québec
Gilles Parent, ND, author, L’inconséquence de la Fluoration, 1975; co-author, La fluoration autopsie d’une erreur scientifique, 2005. Member de l’Association de diplômés en naturopathie du Québec, (the association has taken a position against fluoridation and it is member of «Front commun pour une eau saine»), St. Laurent (Montreal), Québec
* Chantal Pelchat, ND, Montréal, Québec
* Ginette Pelletier, ND, ST-Denis, Montréal, Québec
* Éric Pinet, PhD (molecular biophysics), Québec City
Stéphanie Plamondon, anthropologue médicale, St-Félix-de-Valois, Québec
* Gisèle Poirier, ND, Drummondville, Québec
* Marc Potvin, DC, Chambly, Québec
* Jacqueline Poulin, ND, Montréal, Québec
Nicole Renaud, Naturopathe, Trois-Rivières, Québec
* Marie-Josée Richer, ND, Rosemère, Québec
* Pascal Roeske, ND, Sutton, Québec
* Noémie Rouillard, ND, Membre de l’A.D.N.Q., Montréal, Québec
* Sylvie Rousseau, ND, Longueuil, Québec
* Nathalie Roussy, Dental hygienist, Longueuil, Québec
Jimmy Siles, MSc civil engineering, fluoride spokesperson and board member for Qualité de Vie à Québec and Front Commun pour une Eau Saine, Montréal, Québec
* Robert Singer, MD, Montreal, Québec
Tara Sprules, PhD, Professional Associate, Department of Biochemistry, McGill University, Montréal, Québec
* Ada Sturzu, RN, Montreal, Québec
* Michel Tétreault, DC, Ste-Anne-des Plaines, Québec
* Boris Tremblay, PhD, Trois-rivières, Québec
Normand Vézina, ND, Naturopathe, Montmagny, Québec

CANADA: Saskatchewan

* Douglas Amell, ND, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
* Chantel Serack, DC, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


* Alex Valenzuela, Agricultural Engineer, Santiago



* Juan Daniel Calderon, MD, Valledupar, Cesar


* Francisco Herrera, BS, Registered Dietition, San Jose


* Jindrich Petrlik, Executive Director, Arnika (Toxics and Waste Programme), Prague
* Stepan Podzimek, PhD, Institute of Dental Research, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague
Anna Strunecka, DSc, Professor Emeritus of Physiology, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Prague
* Sergey Yurchenko, DDS, PhD, Prague


* Alex Ahrenst, MSc (chemistry), Copenhagen


* Michelle Maura, Psychologist, Santo Domingo


* Ricardo Navarro, DSc(Engineering), President, Center for Appropriate Technology (CESTA), Friends of the Earth, Goldman Prize winner, 1995, San Salvador


* Ene Indermitte, MPH, Researcher of Environmental Health, University of Tartu, Tartu
• Astrid Saava, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Tartu, Tartu


* Kenti Koronga, DDS, Helsinki
* Pauli Kossila, DDS, Turku
* Rauli Mäkelä, MD, Espoo


Dr. Henri Allard, Dental surgeon, member, Fédération des Associations Cévenoles Environnement Nature (FACEN), Rousson
Dominique Belpomme, PhD, Professor in medical oncology, ARTAC’s Cancer Research Center, Paris
* Esther Bonnamy, teacher, member, APPEL, nationally recognized local organization fighting pollution from an incinerator, Lunel
* Michel Chenebeau, member, Board of Trustees, Cohérence (www.reseau-coherence), an association linking more than 100 NGOs throughout NW France, comprising consumers, family farmers, environmentalists, artisans, health professionals and others, Chateaugiron
* Florence Couraud, Maîtrise de droit public, Directrice Centre National d’Information Indépendante sur les Déchets (CNIID), Paris
Elie Fattal, Diplomat (retired), Montpellier
Francis Glemet, pharmaceutical industry (retired), spokesperson, Amies Association des medecins independants pour l’environment et la sante publique, Montpelier
* Josette Gouble, Biology teacher (retired); leader, Citizens’ Collectif Livronnais “pour la survie de Livron,” Livron
* Michel Kaspar, Président de l’ADELP (Association de Défense et de Lutte contre la Pollution en Moselle), Saint-Avold
Mikael Laurent, Coordinator MCE (Maison de la Consommation et de l’Environment) Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine
* Salvo Manzone, Engineer, teacher and documentary film maker, “Ricicla Invece Di Bruchiare” Zalea TV (Paris)
Paul Matthews, BA Fine Arts, Bilingual poet and artist specializing in the exposure of political and cultural manipulation of civil society, Saint Senoux, Ille-et-Vilaine
* Gilles Micheneau, Nurse, Angers, Maine et Loire
Gérard Moine, PhD (chemistry), member, French Chemical Society, Mulhouse
Denise Schneider, présidente, l’association protection defense de l’environnement de Bourg-Fidele
* Vicaire Yannick, Environmental Engineer, Toxics campaigner, Greenpeace, France, member of the board of CNIID, Paris


* Jean Michel Ségur, dentist, Nuku Hiva


* Larissa Bertok, MD, Pediatric surgeon, Duesseldorf
* Hart Feuer, PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Bonn
* Bernd Gerken, Prof. Dr. rer.net. Dipl.-Chem., Marienmuenster
* David W. Lescheid, MD, PhD, Baden Baden
* Christian-Albrecht May, Prof. Dr.med., Dresden
Peter Meiers, author, Toxizitaet von Fluorverbindungen (1984), and of several articles on fluoride toxicity in medical journals; owner of the www.fluoride-history.de website, Saarbruecken
* Chilmi Ntalli, MD, Witten
* Rafael Outland., BS, Ed.M., Professional School Counselor, Berlin
* Dr. Jürgen Seefeldt, MD (Internist), Paderborn
Prof. Joerg Spitz, MD, Managing Director, Society for Medical Information and Prevention in Germany, Wiesbaden
* Wolfgang Stueck, MD, Specialist in internal and environmental medicine, Koblenz
* Thorsten Walter, MSc, Kiel
* Roman Zolow, DDS, Hanau


* Ioanna Douka, DDS, Member of the National Council of Greek Women, Athens


* Kathryn Holm, RD (Registered Dietitian), Tamuning


* Pauline Sampson, RN DipHE, Roatan


* Lillian Ko, MD, Hong Kong
* Levite Man, DSc, MH, Hong Kong
* Eddie Heung Hong Mui, DC, MS, BEng, Hong Kong
* Bruce Vaughan, DC, Hong Kong


Tomori Balázs, President, Messzelátó Egyesület


* Rajat Aggarwal, BDS, MSc (clinical research), New Delhi, India
* Ramesh Babu, B.Pharm, M.Pharm Pharmacology, Bangalore
* Mahaboob Basha, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurophysiology, Department of Zoology, Bangalore University
* Jitendra Bhawalkar, MD, PGDHHM, Public Health Specialist, Pune
* Shripal Dhewa, MSc, PhD in Biotechnology, Pilani, Jhunjhunu
* Priyanka Dwivedi, MSc (Food Technologist), Faridabad
* Rajesh K. Gangal, PhD, College Military Engineering, Pune
* Sharath Chandra Gowda, BDS, MPH, Bangalore
* Ravi Gupta, MD, MBBS, Pune
* Sanjay K. Gupta, PhD, Social & Environmental Activist, New Delhi
* B. M. Hegde, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRCPG, FRCPI, FACC, FAMS, Chairman, State Health Society’s Expert Committee, Govt. of Bihar, Patna, Visiting Prof. Cardiology, The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London, Affiliate Prof. of Human Health, Northern Colorado University, Visiting Prof. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, Retd. Vice Chancellor, Manipal University, Mangalore
* Raghu Jetti, BPT, M.Sc, Manipal
* Arjun Khandare, PhD, Hyderabad
* Manoj K. Mahapatra, PhD, Bhubaneswa
* Raveendrababu Meda, PhD, Ahmedabad
* Tapan Kumar Patro, BDS, MDS (Prosthodontics), Asst. Professor, VSS Medical College, Burla, Orissa
* Amalendu Bikash Paul, BE (Civil), ME(PH), PG Trng. Project Apprisal etc. ( UK),FIE(I), Guwahati, Assam
* Dilip Kumar Paul, PhD, Patna
* O. P. Kushwaha, B. A. M. S.  Physician  – Ayurveda (Indian Medicine), Pune
* Mohamed Marliya, BDS, Chennai
* Premraj Pushpakaran, PhD, Kochi, Kerala
* Tarakad S. Raman, PhD (Biochemistry), Principal Scientist (Retired 1996), Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
Leo Rebello, ND, PhD, President, AIDS Alternativa International, Mumbai
* Kapil Singla, BDS, Patiala
* Reddy Yugandhar, PhD, MSc, M.Phil, Hyderabad
Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary magazine, Mumbai
* Soumya Deep Shah, BDS, Purulia
* Jashwanti D. Sharma, PhD, Associate Professor, Zoology Department, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
* Mamta Solanki, PhD, Zoology Department, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
A. K. Susheela, PhD, FASc, FAMS, Executive Director, Fluorosis Research & Rural Development, Delhi
* Chakma Tapas, MBBS, MAE (Master of Applied Epidemiology), Jabalpur
* Madhu Tripathi, PhD (Zoology), Professor in Zoology Department, Lucknow University, Uttar Pradesh
Ramtej J. Verma, MSc, PhD, Professor in Zoology, Department of Zoology, Gujarat University, Gujarat
* Vishnu Kumar Verma, BDS, Jaipur


Yuyun Ismawati, Director, BALIFOKUS Foundation, Coordinator of JALA-Sampah.


• Amir H. Mahvi, PhD, School of Public Health & Medical Sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran


* Abdul Samad A. Al-Ani, PhD, Al Anbar


Rosie Cargin, MA, Kinsale Environment Watch, Kinsale, Co. Cork
* Brian Óg O Ceallaigh, Environmental Consultant, Dublin
Elizabeth Cullen, MB, BCh, BAOM Sc. Diploma in Pollution Control; Secretary, Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association
* Shirley Gallagher, PhD, Cork
* Colette Herlihy, Solicitor, MSc (Sustainable Development), Cork
* Liam Holmes, B.Des, MA, MSc., Mallow
* Terry Jackson, M.Phil., Tipperary Town
* Jolanta Kalita, MD, Bray
Don Mac Auley, BDS, Dental Surgeon; Chairman, Irish Dentists Opposing Fluoridation <http://www.idof.net/>
* Bill McCollam, BDS, Dental Surgeon, Kilkenny
* Ruth McKenna, DipNT (Diploma in Nutritional Therapy), Chairperson of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland, Dublin
* Henk Meijnhardt, ND, Dip Nat, Dip Hom, Secretary General Irish Naturopaths Association, Tullamore, County Offaly
Philip Michael, MB, BCh, DCH, DRCOG, MICGP, Chair, Irish Doctors Environmental Association; Vice President [Europe] International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE); Millbrook Medical Centre, Bandon, Co. Cork
* Catherine Mills, BA, HdipEd, TTG, Dublin
* Maire Ni Dhomhnallain, B.Soc.SC, DSR, Dip TEFLA, Dublin
* Pauline Nicoll, Lawyer, Dublin
Jacqueline Nielsen, Barrister-at-Law, The Law Library, Four Courts, Dublin
* Hazel O Donnell, RN, Dublin
* Emma O’Malley, BA (Teacher), Dublin
Robert Pocock, Fluoridation spokesperson, VOICE OF IRISH CONCERN for the Environment, Dublin
Dr. Andrew Rynne, LRCP&SI, MICGP, Medical Practitioner; columnist, Irish Medical News; founder, Clane General Hospital, Co. Kildare
* Danny Scahill, DC, BSc, Dublin
* Jan Stefanik, ME (Masters in Mechanical Engineering), Clonmel
* Harry Torney, BDS, MDent Sc., Dublin
Declan Waugh, BSc (Environmental Science and Technology), Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, Risk Management Consultant, Cork


Mark Draper, MB, DA, DRCOG, General Practitioner, Douglas
* Greeba Skinner, ND, Dip. Herb., Douglas, Isle of Man


* Dror Avisar, PhD, Professor of Hydro-Chemistry, Tel Aviv University
Aviva Zack Dycian, DMD, Ramat Hasharon
* Emilia Eisner, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Hashron
* Yudah Flotch, ND, Tel Aviv, Israel
*Suzana Gross, ND, MSc, Holon
Gideon Mishnaevsky, MSc, Geologist, Ramat Hasharon, near Tel-Aviv
* Daniel Mishori, PhD, The Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University
* Elizabeth Ramsay, BA, Journalist, Author, Jerusalem
* Edna Rosenthal, MD (pediatrician), Beer-Sheva
* Shimon Tsuk, M.Sc, Hydrogeologist & Environmentalist, Qiriat Ono
Maria Westerman, Medical Laboratory for diagnostic tests and research, Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
Loty Zilberman, MSc, Chemical Engineer, Environmental and Toxicological Consultant
* Malchiel Zoaretz, DDS, Tel Aviv


* Maria Giuseppina Abate, President, Ambiente e Futuro, Lucca
* Christian Abbondanza, Presidente, Casa della Legalità di Genova
* Francesco Accardi, Environmental engineer, Reggio Emilia
* Marzio Aguzzi, Professore di agricolture, Istituto Technico Agrario Vivarelli, Fabriano
* Daniele Thomas Alessi, Organizer, Friends of Beppe Grillo, Pozzuoli
* Giuseppime Alloni, Teacher – Film Maker (documentary), Milano
* Prof. Giuseppe Altieri, PhD (Agricultural ecologist), Studio Agernova, Trieste
* Raffaela Amisani, Architect, Brescia
* Roberto Antico, Environmental Scientist, Secretary of ASIA, Palermo
Sergio Apollonio, President, Malagrotta Committee, Rome
* Eduardo Ammendola, MD, Specialista in Neuropsichiatria Infantile, Pozzouli
* Maurizia Antonioni, PhD (Biologica), Saltara
* Giuseppe Banchi, PI, Member of Medicina Democratica, Florence
* Laura Barbieri, PhD (Pharmacy), Parma
* Ugo Bardi, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, University of Florence, President of Italian section of ASPO (Association for the study of peak oil and gas), Florence
* Massimiliano Bosco, Engineer, Torino
* Sabino Bufo, PhD, Professore Ordinario di Chemica Agraria, Universita della Basilicata, Potenza
Ernesto Burgio, MD, Pediatrician, Vice President, Scientific Committee ISDE Italy (International Society of Doctors for Environment), Palermo
Bobbie Beckman, DDS, Swedish dentist working in Bassano del Grappa
* Rosa Caggiano, Technologist at CNR, Potenza
* Umberto Calamita, Teacher, President “Amici dell’Inviolata”, Guidonia (Roma)
* Antonio Campolo, Commercio, Reggio Calabria
* Paolo Canepa, Nurse, Liguria
* Andrea Cardoni, Materials Engineer, Research & Development, Tacconi Group, Assissi, Spoleto, Umbria
* Silvana Carotento, PhD, Napoli
* Simona Castiglion, Nurse, Genova
* Fabio Cicoli, MD, Saltara
* Antimo Civero, Dottore Commercialista (Certified Public Accountant), Pozzouli
* Albina Colella, PhD, Presidente dell’EHPA, Professore Ordinario di Geologia, Universita della Basilicata, Potenza
* Giuseppe Comella, MD (Oncologist), Primario Emerito Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Napoli
* Giovanni Contiero, President, Italian Friends of Nature, Conato
* Gianmarco Corbetta, PhD, Organizer, Amici di Beppe Grillo, Monza, Monza/Milano
* Maria Teresa Coviello, PhD, Environmental Engineering consultant, Rome
* Matteo Cresti, Associazione Amici Del Chiaravagia, Genova
* Paula Curci, Engineer, Potenza
* Antonio D’Agostino, Civil Engineer, Vibo Valentia
* Marco D’Alema, MD, Frascati/Rome
* Milena Debenedetti, PhD, Chemist, Savona
* Baldassarre D’Elia, PhD, Teacher, Frascati/Rome
* Giovan Battista de Medici, PhD, Professore di Geologia Applicata e Idrogeologia, Universita Fedrica II de Napoli
* Fabio De Menna, PhD (Diversity Management and Governance), Department of Agricultural economics and engineering, University of Bologna, Palombaro
* Massimiliano Desideri, Presidente (Association Environmental Education), Rome
* Marco Digennaro, Coordinator, Amici Beppe Grillo, Massa
* Gianluca Pandolfi Elmi, geologist, Presidente, Energia0co2, San Sebastiano, Umbria
* Alfio Fichera, Engineer, Taormina
* Irene De Franco, PhD (chemistry), computer recycling specialist for Verdebinario
* Gaetano De Simone, President, ONLUS Rifiuti Zero, Salerno
* Valeria Di Muzio, PhD (Agricultural Ecology), Potenza
Rossano Ercolini, Ambiente e Futuro, Lucca
* Stefania Faini, Environmental consultant and teacher, Brescia
* Moreno Ferri, Comitato per l’alternativa al nuova incineritore di Desio, Desio/Milano
* Alberto Fregonara, Avvocato, Presidente Associaziona “Unione Tutela Consumatori,” Novara
* Andrea Gaddini, MD, Frascati/Rome
* Mauro Gallegati, PhD, Professor of Microeconomics, Ancona
* Laura Gamba, Avvocato, Brescia
*Antonietta Gatti, PhD, Coordinator of the European Project DIPNA, Modena
* Valerio Gennario, MD, PhD, Oncological epidemiologist, Science and Technology Committee, ISDE-Italy
* Fabrizio Ghirardi, PhD, Alba (Cuneo)
* Giovanni Ghirgi, MD (pediatrician), member of ISDE, Civitavecchia/Rome
* Attilio Giampaoli, Professor of Banking, University of Urbino, Author, Per Un’ Armonia Dell’ Economia, Fano
* Mario Giarrusso, Avvocato, Catania
* Mirco Gigliotti, MD, Sarteno (Siena)
* Beniamino Ginatempo, Professor of Physics, Messina University, Sicily
* Stefano Girardi, docente, socio legambiente, Cuneo
* Dott. Giuseppe Giglio, Sociologist, Editor, L’Agro (Latina e Provincia), Latina
* Adriana Giusta, nurse ICI, Boves (Cuneo)
* Paolo Guarnaccia, Masters in Agronomy, Researcher, Dept of Agronomy, University of Catania, former President of Organic Farmers of Sicily, Paterno
* Domenico Iannizzi, MD, Anesthetist and Intensive Care, Rosarno
* Annalisa Innocenti, Cordinamento, Commitati della Piana, Florence
* Giuseppi Iuele, Engineer, Segretario dell’EHPA (Associazione Tutela Ambiente e Salute di Basiciata), Potenza
* Ferdinando Laghi, MD, Castrovillari
* Davide Lamanna, Engineer, National coordinator, ISE (Engineers Without Borders) Rome
* Pucci Leonardo, Natural scientist and park ranger, Frascati/Rome
* Marco Le Pera, Masters in Geology, Cosenza
* Francesca Lovato, Environmental engineer, Carpi
* Fabio Lucchesi, Treasurer, Ambiente e Futuro, Lucca
* Riccardo Luzi, executive board member, Rete Liguria Rifiuti Zero, Genova
* Renato Macebonio, President, Environmental Council for Cinquefrondi
* Renato Maffia, PhD, Research Biologist, Latina
* Ornella Manferoce, MD (specialist in circulatory medicine), Environmental Councilor for Cinquefrondi
* Raoul Mantini, Dott., Committee for the Environment of Gualdo Cattaneo
* Antonio Marfella, MD, Tossicologo-Oncologo, Istituto Tumori “G.Pascale”di Napoli
* Claudio Mari, MD (Medico e Farmacista), Pesaro
* Lorenzo Martelli, PhD (Chemistry), Environmental consultant – Ecoricerche, Modena
* Concetta Mattia, Architetto, volunteer with ANPAS, Campania, Caposele (AV)
* Pier Paolo Mattioni, Architetto, Orvieto
* Cristina Mazza, Professional translator and Ecotour manager Brescia Beppi Grillo Meetup Group, Brescia
* Peter John Mazzoglio, PhD (entomology), Torino
* Marco Medaglia, Ingegneria, Lamezia Terme
* Franco Medici, Professor Applied Chemistry, Sapienza University of Roma
* Valeria Mei, Avvocato, Montemaggiore al Metauro
* Luana Mencarelli, TPT, Physical Therapist, Massa
* Claudio Giuseppe Molinari, MD, PhD, Professor of Physiology, University of Novara, Member of the Italian Society of Physiology (SIF), Novara
* Stefano Montanari, PhD, Modena
* Francesco Morabito, Civil Engineer, Rosarno
Liliane Buffaut Mungo, Comitato Tutela Valdichiana, Italia Nostra, Arezzo
* Marcello Nardi, Avvocato, Cosenza
* Mario Negrone, MD, Potenza
* Ajuah W. Nkohkwo, PharmD, Parma
* Daniela Novarino, MD, Frascati/Rome
* Massimo Oggiano, Ingegnere, Terni
* Michele Orlando, Mayor of Roncapelle (Brescia)
* Corrado Pacelli, Medico Veterinario, Napoli
* Fabrizio Palombi, PhD, Roma
* Celestino Panizza, MD, Doctor of Industrial Medicine, Member of ISDE (Italy), Brescia
* Giulia Parola, language teacher, Cultural attache, Mexico (1976-1980), Cultural attache, Portugal (1980-1992), Cuneo
* Venanzio Giovanni Parrota, Ingegneria, Pietrapaola (RC)
* Maurizio Pedone, DDS, Medico-Chirurgo specialista in odontostomatologia, Saronno
* Emilia Maria Parodi Pedrina, publisher “Il Corriere Sestresse”, Genova
* Luciana Pellegreffii, Chemistry Technician, Milano
* Mario Pellegrino, Agronomist, Secretary ADICONSUM, Trapani
* Giacomo Perreca, Avvocato, Bacoli
* Ferdinando Pesce, Presidente Circulo Legambiente Roma-S. Lorenzo, Rome
* Prof. Osvaldo Pieroni, Department of Environmental Sociology, University of Calabria, Cosenza
* Marco Piombo, Presidente WWF-Liguria, Genova
* Federico Prandelli, Director, Ecotour, Amici di Beppe Grillo, Brescia
* Patrizia Pretto, PhD,Castelgomberto
* Fabio Provenza, Architect, Alcamo, Sicily
* Micol Purrotti, PhD (biochemistry), Turin
* Giuseppe Quaranta, Environmental researcher, Napoli
* Roberto Radice, Architetto, Responsible Ambiente COBAS, Napoli
* Marcella Ravaglia, PhD, Ferrara
* Pierluigi Ravellino, PhD (Doctore in Economica), Quarto
* Attilio Renzulli, Energy Manager of the Municipality of Benevento
* Pro. Aldo Righi, Consulente Linguistico, Fossombrone
* Anna Rivelli, Writer, Ministero Pubblica Instruzione, Potenza
* Dott.ssa Maria Grazia Rizzo, Aprilia (LT)
* Francesca Romano, Magistrato, Vibo Valentia
* Lidia Ronzano, Architetto, Potenza
* Vincenzo Rotondo, Masters in Biology, Masters in Phytopathology, Specialist in Ecotoxicology, Nettuno (LT)
* Serena Santoni, Secretary, Friends of the Earth in Orvieto
* Doriana Sarci, Veternarian, Napoli
* Patrizia Lo Sciuto, President Zero Waste Association of Trapani
* Alfonso Senatore, PhD (Environmental engineering), Cosenza
* Toni Sgalambro, PhD, University researcher, President, Rome chapter ISE (Engineers Without Borders), Rome
* Francesco Sicurello, PhD (physics), Professor Medical Information, Milano
• Prof. Luigi Solarino, Department of Industrial Chemistry, University of Catania, Presidents dell’Associazone “Decontaminazione Sicilia”
* Maria Spanafora, Archivista, Cosenza
* Sebastiani Spina, Electronics Engineer, Catania
* Castaldi Stefano, Telecommunication engineer, Frascati/Rome
* Anna Stramigioli, Secretary, Rete Liguria Rifiuti Zero, Genova
* Vito Summa, Researcher at CNR, Potenza
* Giorgio Tadi, Dott. in Telecomunic azione, Vice Presidente,  Associaziona “Unione Tutela Consumatori,” Novara
* Glaudio Tamburini, Avvocato, Commitati della Piana, Florence
Fabio Tomei, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico of Milan
* Monica Tommasi, President, Friends of the Earth in Orvieto
* Maria Assunta Tonelli, PhD (Biologica), Saltara
* Elasmar Toufic, PhD (Economic Agriculture), University of Florence, International project coordinator of the Italian section of ASPO (Association for the study of peak oil and gas), Florence
* Irene Travaglini, PhD, Chieti
* Anita Triado, RN (Australia), Orvieto
* Nicola Tucci, Architetto, Reggio Calabria
Federico Valerio, PhD, environmental chemist, University of Genoa, Genoa
* Claudia Vellusi, Avvocato, Pozzouli
* Tommaso Zampagni, PhD, Milano
* Father Alex Zanotelli, Priest and Social Justice activist, Napoli
* Gabriella Zatelli, PhD (Pharmacy), Parma


Kenji Akiniwa, DDS, Akiniwa Dental Clinic; Editor, The Journal of the Japanese Society for Fluoride Research, Tokyo
* Hisashi Imura, DDS, Osaka
Mitsuo Kakei, PhD, Lecturer, Division of Oral Anatomy, Meikai University School of Dentistry, Saitama
Junji Kato, MD, PhD, Director, Miyachiyo Kato Clinic; Director, Japanese Temperance Union; member, Medwatcher; member, Japanese Society for Fluoride Research
Taichi Kazuno, DDS, Member of Japanese Society for Fluoride Research, Beppu city
Tohru Murakami, PhD, DDS, former President, Japanese Society for Fluoride Research
Akihiro Nagano, DDS, PhD, Member of Japanese Society for Fluoride Research, Sizuokaken
Shimizu Nakao, DDS, Kanome Dental Clinic, Director of Japanese Society for Tobacco Control, Hamatonbetsu, Hokkaido Prefecture
* Kenichi Narita, DDS, Niigata City
Toshiro Sakae, PhD, DDS, Associate Professor, Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo
* Ikunori Sugita, DDS, Toyohashi
Masami Thumagari, Member of Japanese Society for Fluoride Research, Moriyama-city, Shiga-pref
* Nobue Ueki, DDS, Member of Japanese Society for Fluoride Research, Tokyo
* Yukinori Yamazaki, DDS, Kawasaki
Masayoshi Yoshikawa, DDS, Lecturer, Division of Orthodontics, Meikai University School of Dentistry, Ome


* Hadeel Alnajjar, MBBS, Kuwait City


Wael Hmaidan, Environmental Policy Advisor, Currently Executive Director of IndyAct, a global league of independent activists, Previous Greenpeace campaigner for the Arab World, Beirut


* Jens Lichtenberg, DDS, Triesen


Dr. Tomica Ancevski, Director, Macedonian Association of Doctors for the Environment (MADE)


Thayanithi Kulenthran, Principal, & Strategic Planning and Operations DayAnidhi Earth (Compassion for Earth) & Greenfields Consulting, Selangor
Mageswari Sangaralingam (Masters in Environmental Management), Research Officer, Consumers Association of Penang
• Ju Lee Tay, MD, Kluang
Yuen-Mei Wong, Community and media activist for environmental justice issues; committee member, Broga/Semenyih No Incinerator Action Committee, Kajang, Selangor


* Alan Sam-Soon, PhD (Engineering), Port Louis


* Danielle Aguiniga, MD, BC
* Berenice Aguirre, MD, Ciudad de México
* Maura Alicia, Secretary, Dedicación al Medio Ambiente y Mejoramiento Ecológico (DAME, AC)Salamanca, Guanajuato
* River Allucard, DC, Toluca
* Gerardo Ayala, RN, Cd. Juarez
* María Isabel Romero Esparza, DDS, Hixquilucan, Edo. de México
* Hiram Eugenio, Vice President, Dedicación al Medio Ambiente y Mejoramiento Ecológico (DAME, AC), Salamanca, Guanajuato
* Claudia Fiore, Environmental Engineer, Mazattan
* Raul Garcia-Barrios, PhD, Vice Presidente, Patronato para el Rescate de las Barrancas de Cuernavaca, Morelos
* Ericka Munoz, PhD (finance), Veracruz
* Mirna Ramirez, Industrial Engineer
* Alma Ruiz-Payan, PhD, Laboratory Biogen


* Tatiana Datsko, PhD, chemist, Kishinev


* Fatima Alaoui Maghreb, Secretaire Generale, Verts Maroc, Environmental Forum


* Anabela Arnauth de Lemos, Director, JA! Justica Ambiental, Maputo
* Daniel Riberto, MA (Zoology), Program officer,  JA! Justica Ambiental, Maputo


Ram Charitra Sah, MSc Environment Science, Executive Director, CEPHED, Kathmandu


Robert Anderson, PhD, Tauranga
Graham Mark Atkin, BSc(Chem), LLB(Hons), Wellington
* Jane Beck, MBBS, BSc, MRCGP, MFOM (retired), Thames
* L.H.R. Brett, BDS, Dentist, Whangarei
Nigel Brooke, DO, Wanganui, Aotearoa
* Paul Butler, BSc MB ChB Dip Obst FRNZCGP, Auckland
* Robyn Church, ND, Ashburton
* Zac Cox, BDS, Auckland
* Laurence Fisher, BDS, Ngaio
* Noeline Gannaway, MA, Dip. Ed, Wellington
Mike Godfrey, MBBS, Touring
* Anna Goodwin, DO, JD (Oncology Consultant), Hamilton
* Thomas Gu, BSc (Clinical dental technician), Dunedin
* Lynda Hannah B. Nat. Med., Dip. Herb. Med., Motueka
* Bruce Harper, DO, ND, Osteopath, Naturopath & Health Coach, Auckland
* Stephanie Harper, RN, Mount Maunganui
* Clarice Hebblethwaite, BSC Hons Dietetics and Nutrition, Christchurch
* Janion Heywood, Family Physician, Te Awamutu
* Falko Hexel, MD, Whangarei, Northland,
* John Hinchcliff, PhD, Hon. D., Auckland City Councillor, former President of the Auckland University of Technology
* Stef Holmes, BDS, Hamilton
* Isabel Hutchinson, B.A. (Auck), DipN, SANS;NZRN, ON; NZRPN, Auckland
* Jacques Imbeau, DMD, NZDREX, FACNEM, Director – Integrative Dental & Natural Health Centre, Registrar – New Zealand Natural Medicine Association (NZNMA), Founding member – Quebec Holistic Dental Medicine Association, Auckland
* Steve Joe, BHB MB ChB DipObst FRNZCGP, Hamilton
* Vernon Kruger, BDS (Orthodontic practitioner/dentist), Cambridge
* Jane Lawrence, ND, Hamilton
* Stan Litras, BDS, BSc, Wellington, NZ
* Carmen McRae, ND, NMHSW, Duneidn
L. R. B. Mann, PhD, Senior Lecturer (rtd) in Environmental Studies, University of Auckland
* Jill Masters, Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hamilton
* Russel McLean, BDS, FACNEM, Dunedin
Tony McDonald, RN, Christchurch
* Richard McNair, Dip Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dip Shiatsu, Dip Qigong, Auckland
* Tony Minervino, DC, Auckland
* Ted Ninnes, PhD, Hamilton
* Lynda Northcott, RN, New Plymouth
* Michele Nysse, BA, B. Nat. Med, Hastings
* Kate O’Connor, NZRN, NZRM, NZDip Acupuncture and TCM, Taupo
* Grant Pearse, MSc., Hamilton, New Zealand
* Kim H. Phelps, DO (Osteopath); RCST (Cranial Therapist), Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay
* Ann Rudolph, RN, Auckland
* Peter Scanlon, MB, ChB, BHB, BSc, FCUCP (Urgent Care Physician), Hamilton
* Matthew Scarborough, Mbiochem, Hamilton
* Hank Scott, MSc (Hon), Teacher- chemistry, Oamaru
* Keith Sharrock, PhD, Hamilton
Bruce Spittle, MB, ChB, DPM, FRANZCP, Managing Editor, Fluoride, Quarterly Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research, Dunedin
* Barry Stollery, RGON (Registered General and Obstetric Nurse), Tauranga
* Tralee Sugrue, BSc, MB ChB, LFHom(Med), FRNZCGP, Wellington
* Cornelius van Dorp, MB, ChB, FRNZCGP, GP and Emergency Physician, Kaitaia, Northland
* Rachel Wallis, RN, Hamilton Waikato
Bill Wilson, Past President New Zealand Pure Water Association, Auckland
* Yoshimi Yoshida, BA, Environmental Analyst, Waikato
* Jesus Zarate, RN, Christchurch


* Ada Osakwe, B.Pharm, Consultant Clinical Pharmacist, Federal Capital Territory


* Sandy Lunoe, MSC Cand.pharm, Retired pharmacist, University lecturer with water quality as a speciality, Sverrestien
* Petter Viksveen, MNHL NAN BA MSc, Registered Homeopath, Sandnes


* Abid Hussain, BDS, MPH, MSHI, Islamabad
* HIbah Hussain, BDS, C-Ortho, MBA, Karachi


* Qin Gao, PhD, Associate Professor in Pathology, Guiyang Medical University, Guiyang
* Zhi-Zhong Guan, MD, PhD, Professor in Pathology, Guiyang Medical University, Guiyang
* Hui Huang, MD, Zhengzhou
* Kunli Luo, PhD, Professor, Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resource Research, Beijing
* Jifang Ren, MD, Medical University of Shamxi, Shamxi
* Jinqun Wu, MD, Associate Director, CDC, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou
* Quanjong Xiang, PhD, Associate Professor, Nanjing
* Guangqian Yu, PhD


* Arlen A. Ancheta, faculty member, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
* Rolisa Almario, RN, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
* Cristina Canlas, MS (Environmental Policy), Environmental Communications Specialist
* Julius C. Cayabyab, Office of City Planning and Development, City of Puerto Princesa
* Maria Rosario Garcia, Professor of Chemistry, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
* Moises Norman Garcia, Professor of Environmental Science, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
Von Hernandez, past executive director of Greenpeace, Philippines, 2003 Goldman Prize winner, Manila
* Captain Rosalym T. Jasper, Chief of Staff, Marine Environmental Protection
* Marie Marciano, President, Mother Earth Foundation (Philippines), Metro Manila
Sonia Mendoza, BS Chemistry, Chairman, Mother Earth Foundation, Quezon City, Metro Manila
* Melodio A. Pallagpay, MD, Zero Waste Philippines, Manila
Romeo Quijano, MD, Manilla
* Junie A. Quilatan, Professor of Ethics and Theology, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
* Luz E. Sabas, Founder, Zero Waste Philippines, Manila
* Melodia C. Salimbagat, College of Community Resources Development, Rizal, Palawan
Camille C. Sarmiento, MENRM, Provincial Government Environment and Natural Resource Officer, Province of Northern Samar
* Gemma Veneracion-Aboy, M.Ed, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
Linabelle Ruth R. Villarica, Governor, Soroptimist International of the Philippines Region, Makati City, Metro Manila
* Celia Dela Cruz Vinoya, Professor of Ethics and Theology, University of Santo Tomas, Manila


* Andrzej Bohatyrewicz, MD, Associate Professor, Pomeranian Medical University,  Szczecin
* Dariusz Chlubek, MD, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin
* Anna Machoy-Mokrzynska, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pomeranian Medical University,  Szczecin
• Katarzyna Pawlowska-Goral, PhD, Assistant Professor, Medical University of Silesia, Katawice
* Kamil Wojcik, RN, Bielsko-Biala


* Amilcar Augusto, MD, PhD (community health / epidemiology), Porto
* Tiago Costa, Nursing Degree, Nursing and Clinical Nutrition Degrees, Coimbra


* Sara E. Abreu, MSL, Arecibo
* Vladimir Algarin, MD, Carolina
* Anibelle Altieri, MD, San Juan
* Hector Alvarez, MD, Carolina
* Lynnette Avila, MD, San Juan
* Charles Ayala, MD, Carolina
* Manuel Rivera Badillo, MD, San Juan
* Francisco Rivera Bericoche, OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor), Vega Baja
* Mario Bernal, MD, Carolina
* Nicolas Betancourt, MD, San Juan
* Javier Biaggi, MD, Arecibo
* Neftali Brito, MD, Carolina
* Brendaliz Cabrera, MD, Trujillo Alto
* Domingo Caceres, MD, Carolina
* Jose F. Campos, MD, Carolina
* Norma Carranza, MD, Arecibo
* Hector Carreras, MD, Arecibo
* Francisco Castillo, MD, Carolina
* Monica Clemente, MD, Carolina
* Jacquelina Colon, MD, San Juan
* Soraya Conde, RPh, Carolina
* Cynthia Correa, MD, San Lorenzo
* Luis Cotto, MD, Caguas
* Ramon Cruz, MD, Rio Grande
* Ana T. Davila, Esq., San Juan
* Sylvette De Leon, MD, Guaynabo
* Juan Rodriguez del Valle, MD, San Juan
* Madelyn Delgado, MD, San Juan
* Jose Demorizi, MD, Carolina
* Lidia Diaz, MD, Carolina
* Maria C. Diaz, MD, Carolina
* Lourdes Duluc, MD, Vega Baja
* Linda Ellis, RN, San Juan
* Josefina Espaillat, MD, Carolina
* Carlos Falcon, MD, San Juan
* Akucua G. Feliberti, MD, San Juan
* Maritza Flaz, MD, Carolina
* Rafael Franco, MD, Arecibo
* Carlos M. Garcia, BSME, Arecibo
* Flor Garcia, MD, San Juan
* Obed Garcia, MD, Arecibo
Angel M. Gonzalez, MD, Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine, San Juan
* Michael J. Gonzalez, PhD, NMD, FACN, San Juan
* William Grassette, MD, Toa Baja
* Victor Herman, MD, Carolina
* Dilcia Hernandez, MD, Carolina
* Miguel Hernandez, MD, Carolina
Tomas Hernandez, MD, MPH, Neurologist, President, Public and Environmental Health Committee, Puerto Rico College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Juan
* Luis Landestoy, MD, Carolina
* Zoilo Lopez, MD, Carolina
* Victor A. Marcial-Burgos, MD, San Juan
Victor A. Marcial-Vega, MD, Oncologist, Member, Public and Environmental Health Committee, Puerto Rico College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Juan
* Ricardo Marrero, MD, San Juan
* Jose A. Martinez, MD, San Juan
* Jose L. Martinez, MD, Trujillo Alto
* Maria I. Martinez, MD, San Juan
* Enrique Martino, MD, San Juan
* Vilma Melendez, MD, Carolina
* Cesar Monsalve, MD, San Juan
* Jesus Manuel Narvaez, MD, San Juan
* Ada Negron, OTR, Caguas
Zoilo Nieves, MD, Environmental medicine, San Juan
* Vanessa Olivo, MD, San Juan
*Jose E. Orellana, MD, Carolina
* Guillermo Oria, MD, Carolina
* Aura Ortiz,  Master in Psychology, San Juan
* Luis Ortiz, MD, Carolina
* Yaidi Pablos, MD, Carolina
* Enrique Padro, MD, Carolina
* Miguel Paladines, MD, Cartolina
* Adan Pujols, MD, Carolina
* Alvin Ramirez, MD, Trujillo Alto
* Octavio Ramirez, MD, Carolina
* Luz E. Ramos, MD, San Juan
* Ruth E. Ramos, MD, Carolina
Hector Rivera, MD, Psychiatrist, San Juan
* Petra Cruz Rivera, MD, San Juan
* Arnaldo Rodriguez, MD, Carolina
* Jose Rodriguez, MD, Arecibo
* Jose Rodriguez, MD, San Lorenzo
* Maria Rodriguez, Mental Health Assistant, Arecibo
* Oscar Rodriguez, MD, San Juan
* Ramon Rodriguez, MD, San Juan
* Juan Rosario, Environmentalist, Misión Industrial, San Juan
Olvaldo Rosario, PhD, Professor of Environmental Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan
* Norma Ruiz, Citopatol Technician, San Juan
* Miguel Sarrriera, JD, Quebradillas
Pablo Segarra, MD, Cayey
* Jesus Selles, DC, San Lorenzo
* Edna Serrano, MD, Trujillo Alto
* Norma Severino, MD, San Juan
* Virginia Solivan, MD, Rio Grande
* Hector M. Torres, MD, San Juan
* Guillermina Velazguez, MD, Carolina
* Carlos Lao Velez, MD, San Juan
* Xavier Vicente, MD, Caguas


* Ileana Barbu, MD (sport medicine), Bucharest
* Joe Boylan, BA (Open) UK, Teacher’s Certificate, Miercurea Ciuc
* Andrei Ionela, MD, Bucharest


* Michael Hall, DDS, owner New Wave Dental


* Isa Abdin, BDS, LDS RCS, Dhahran
* Amer Al Saif, BDS, MPH, Dhahran
* Frank Uchegbu, DO, Riyadh


* Jack Fu, B.Eng, MBA, Singapore


* Nikola Krstic, MD, Slovenia


* Paul Coetzee, PhD (Nuclear Chemistry), Professor of Chemistry and Head of Department, Dept of Chemistry, University of Johannesburg
Muna Lakhani, National Co-ordinator, Institute for Zero Waste in Africa, Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal
* Orlando Rojas, DDS, Pretoria
* Farid Ahmed Saley, LRCSI, LRCPI, MbChB EIRE Dip.Obs.Dip.Rad, Barberton
* Darren Viret, MD, Cape Town
Ilona Visser, BSc, BChD, PDD, Senior Consultant, Cape Town SmileStudios, President, Republic of South Africa chapter, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Cape Town


Jong-Chul Kim, Editor, Green Review
Seung-ryul Lee, PhD, Full Professor, Dept. of English, Yeung Nam University, Kyung San
Kim Mi-hwa, Director, Korea Zero Waste Movement Network, Seoul, Korea
Hye-Young Park, PhD, Professor of English Literature, Inha University, Incheon


* Ana Castro Blanco, DC, Barcelona
* Gloria Buenaventura, DDS, Girona
* Jose Antonio Anton Cabornero, Medico estomatologo (Dentist), Madrid
* Idoia Errasti, Psychologist, Orthomolecular medicine, San Sebastián
* Angela Ramos, Holistic Pharmacist, Madrid
* Mary Soler, DO, Castellon
* Marc Vendrell, Master Degree in Clinical Psichology, Barcelona


Dilena Pathragoda, Project Director, Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ), Colombo


* Karl Arfors, PhD, Professor (Inflammation expert), Uppsala
* Susanne Bejerot, MD, Stockholm
Arvid Carlsson, MD, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, University of Göteborg, Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, 2000 (shared with Paul Greengard and Eric Kandel for their discoveries concerning “signal transduction in the nervous system”). See Nobel press release and Dr. Carlsson’s comments on fluoridation.
* Shirley Cordero, MD, PhD, PEng, Hästveda
* Ingrid Eckerman, MD, MPH, President, Swedish Doctors for the Environment (LFM), Stockholm, Sweden
* Stefan Hagström, PhD, Stockholm
* Björn Hammarskjöld, PhD, MD (Pediatrics), Mora, Sweden
* Bitten Jonsson, RN, Nasviken
Bo H. Jonsson, MD, PhD, Department of clinical neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
* Jan Rennerfelt, PhD, Professor Emeritus in Biochemical Technology, Stockholm
* Jan F. Sallstrom, PhD, Emeritus Associated Prof. of Experimental Pathology, University of Uppsala; head of Laboratory for Clinical Molecular Pathology
* Vera Stejskal, PhD, Associated Prof of Immunology University of Stockholm, Sweden and 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic)
* Inga Swanberg, RN, Master of Medical Science in Public Health, Stockholm
* Britt-Marie Toregard, MD, Stockholm


Martin H. Jenzer, MD, Director Projeunesse AG, Rochester, N.Y. And Hergiswil
Konradin Kreuzer, Dipl.Ing.Chem.ETH, founder, “Forum für verantwortbare Anwendung der Wissenschaft, Basel,” editor of the website www.nux.ch, Flüh
* Patrik Matta, DDS, Walenstadt
Kathleen Muto, RDH, Paracelsus Klinik, Gais


George Cheng, Executive Director, Taiwan Watch Institute
Herlin Hsieh, MD, Taipei
* Tim Williams, PhD, MSc, Wufeng


* Silvani Mng’anya, Senior Program officer, AGENDA for Environment & Responsible Development, Dar Es Salaam


* Sombat Haesakul, Independent scholar
Penchom Saetang, Coordinator of Campaign for Alternative Industry Network (CAIN), and Director of the Thai Right to Know project, and Asian Public Intellectual Fellow, 2005, Nonthaburi


* SW Greijdanus, Homeopath and natural healer, Giekerk
* Sharon Midcap, MSc (Biology), Leiden
Hans Moolenburgh, MD, Author, Fluoride: The Freedom Fight (Mainstream pub., Edinburgh, 1987), Haarlem
* Hendrick Smit, Chemical Engineer, Utrecht
* Lody van Burgh, DDS, Vlissingen


* Hakan Scheibe, MSc. Chiropractic, Istanbul


* Paul Banks, MBBS, Holistic physician, London, England
* Paul Andrews, Barrister at Law, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
* John Beard, PhD, Retired microbiologist, Cambridge, England
* Sue Bedford, RGN, Nurse Consultant, Kempston, Bedfordshire, England
John Briffa, BSc, MB, BS, Medical Practitioner, London, England
* Sally Chisholm, MSc, Psychotherapist, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Paul Clein, B Pharm, MR Pharms, Liverpool City Councilor and Joint Chairman of UK Councils Against Fluoridation , Liverpool, England
* Tim Collins, PhD, Birmingham, England
* Fiona Connolly, BVMS (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery), Edinburgh, Scotland
* Karl Cox, PhD, Brighton, England
* Robert Cox, BDS, Lymington, England
* Anna-Marie Crampton, RN, Undergraduate LLB, Crowborough, England
Douglas Cross, BSc, Cbiol, MIBiol, EurProBiol, Independent Consultant in Environmental Compliance and Forensic Ecology, just completed five years as a Member of the UK Government’s Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Foods, Consumer Products and the Environment’ (CoT) investigating the medical effects of chemical contamination of the public water supply, Cumbria, England
* Stephen Davies, MA (Physiology, Oxford), BM (Bachelor of Medicine ,Oxford), BCh (Bachelor of Surgery, Oxford), FACN (Fellow of The American College of Nutrition), FRSM (Fellow Royal Society of Medicine), London
Richard Dean, BDS, Dentist, London, England
John C. J. Eaton, MA (Cantab), MSI, F Inst D
* Jonathan Eyre, MSc, Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), Leeds
Damien Downing, MBBS, President, British Society for Ecological Medicine; Editor, Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine; Medical Director, Alliance for Natural Health, London, England
Anthony Fox, MD, New Milton, Hants, England
Sheila L. M. Gibson, MD, BSc, MFHom, Member, Advisory panel for the York Review. Medical advisor to UK Councils Against Fluoridation, Glasgow, Scotland
George C. Glasser, Environmental journalist and researcher. Advisor to UK Councils Against Fluoridation, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England
Barry Groves, PhD (nutritional science) (deceased, April 2013), Author, “Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death?,” England
* Sean Guy, PhD, London, England
Richard Hall, North Yorkshire County Councilor, College Lecturer and information officer and spokesperson in Yorkshire for UK Councils Against Fluoridation, Knaresborough, England
* Sarah Hatch, FdSc in Complementary Health Therapies, Redruth, Cornwall, England
* David Hefferon, BDS, Dip Hom Tox, Holistic Dentist and Homotoxicologist, London, England
Steve Hickey, PhD, University lecturer, Manchester, England
Professor C. Vyvyan Howard, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCPath, Bioimaging Research Group, Centre for Molecular Bioscience, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland; and newly elected President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE)
* Jameel Hussain, PhD (Environment), Keighley, England
* Dominick Hussey, BSc Hons Osteopathic Medicine, Member of the General Osteopathic Council of the United Kingdom, London, England
* Richard Johns, PhD, LDS RCS (Eng.), Emeritus Professor of Restorative Dentistry, University of Sheffield, Winchester, Hampshire, England
* Guy Johnson, MA, MBChB, MRCGP, Edinburgh, Scotland
Doris M. Jones, MSc, Independent Researcher, Co-Editor, Environmental Issues Forum (EIF), Ilford, Essex, England
* Lesley Kahney, Psychologist, B.A (Hons); M.Sc; Registered with Health Professional Council, Milton Keynes, England
* Ronald Large, Inspector of Works (retired), Hampshire Water District, Southampton, Hampshire, England
* Andrew Lee, MB, ChB (Liv.), DRCOG, DCH, MRCG, Wirral, Cheshire
* Chui Han Lee, BSc, MSc, DipClinPharm, Wirral, Cheshire
Tony Lees, BDS, Dental surgeon. Dental advisor to UK Councils Against Fluoridation and the National Pure Water Association, Brecon, South Wales
* Alison Lingwood, BSc, nutritionist and physiotherapist, Ashford
* Leonard Lowe, CEng. (Chartered Engineer), MRINA, Waterloville
Jennifer Luke, PhD, BDS, Dentist, researcher on fluoride and the pineal gland, Sussex, England
Peter John Mansfield, MA, MB, B Chir FRSA, Family Doctor and independent scientist, member of the Advisory Board for the Systematic Review of Public Water Fluoridation conducted by the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York (known as “The York Review”, McDonagh et al., 2000), Newark on Trent, England
* George Mason, MB, BS., LRCP, MRCS, Banbury, England
* Duncan McAllister, BSc, BA, Registered Environmental Health Professional, Halifax, England
Elizabeth McDonagh, BSc (Hons), Cert Ed, Former college lecturer in food studies and applied science (retired), Chairman, National Pure Water Association, England
Henry Micklem, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Immunobiology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
* Joanne Minnock, RDN (registered Dental Nurse), Manchester, England
Viv Mountford, BSc, Former Coordinator, Halton Friends of the Earth. Awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by FoE UK, for anti-toxics campaigning. Chester, Cheshire, England
* Graeme Munro-Hall, BDS, FIAOMT, Dental Surgeon, Stagsden, Bedfordshire, England
* Anthony Murray, BSc, MSc, Leeds, England
* Dr Sarah Myhill, MBBS, General Practitioner, Upper Weston, Llangunllo, Knighton, Powys, Wales
John A. Newby, PhD, Liverpool, England
* Michel Nijsten, Chef, Environmental Activist, Shrewsbury
* Robert Orme, BSc, former chief chemist with a water treatment company, Gloucester, England
Ian E. Packington, MA Cert Tox, Independent Science Adviser to National Pure Water Association [NPWA], York, England
Jamie D. Page, BSc, MBA, Chief Executive, The Cancer Prevention and Education Society, Canary Wharf, London, England
* Professor Stephen Peckham, BSc, MA(Econ), University of Kent; Director, Centre for Health Services Studies, UK
* Rodney Pendarvis, DC, London, England
Diane Philips, MB, BS, BSc(Hons), DA, England
* Frances Pointer, BSc, MSc (Research), Ramsgate, England
Iain J Robbé, BSc, MSc (PHM), MSc (MEd), MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, FFPHM, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant, Public Health Medicine, Cardiff University, Wales
Ralph Anthony Ryder, Director, Communities Against Toxics UK, Editor; TOXCAT, Ellesmere Port, England
* Eddie Sheehy. BSc(Hons), PGCE,  M.Ed, Salford, Greater Manchester, England
Alan B. Shrank, MD, FRCP (UK), consultant physician, medical advisor to UK Councils Against Fluoridation, England
* Kirsty Smith, RMHN (Intellectual Disability Nursing), Stoke-on-Trent, England
* Peter C. K. Smith, LCH, MARH, Homeopathic practitioner, Truro, Cornwall, England
* Nathan Stein, MB BCH MA MMedSc (Psych), Manchester, England
* Martin Stewart, BDS, Caernarfon, Wales
* Roger Taylor, PhD, BVSc, Guildford, England
Liz Vaughan, Councilor, Information Officer for UK Councils Against Fluoridation, Cumbria, England
Robert Verkerk, DIC, PhD, Executive & Scientific Director, Alliance for Natural Health, Dorking, Surrey, England
* Anne Wallace, BDS (QUB), MFHom (Dent), Holistic Dentist, Armagh, Northern Ireland
* Veronica Walton, LCH, MARH, MRHom, (Registered Homeopath), Hove, Sussex, England
Robin N. Watkins, DO, MSCC, UK trained Osteopathic Practitioner, member of the General Osteopathic Council and British Osteopathic Association, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
* Alan Watson, BSc , C.Eng, Principal, Public Interest Consultants, Swansea, Wales
* Joanne West, Head Teacher, B Ed Honours, Diploma ASN, Perth, Scotland
* Scott Douglas White, DC, Portrush, Northern Ireland
John Whitelegg, PhD, FCIT, Lancaster City Councilor and Joint Chairman of UK Councils Against Fluoridation, Lancaster, England
* John Williams, PhD (physiology) specialist in environmental toxicology, Southampton, England
* Malcolm Williams, Zero Waste Wales, Cyleh, Wales
* Ashara Wood, PhD, Amersham, England
Councilor Arnold Woolley, DipIM, MCMI, Rtd. Senior Police Officer, past JP and current environmental activist, North Wales
* Sandra Woolley, PhD, Birmingham, England


* Maria Alvarez, MD, St. Thomas
* James Krikun, PhD, Chairperson, Coalition  for  Public Health, Haifa


* Tendai Njila, PhD, Harare

U.S. signers are listed by State:

•• AL, AK, AZ, AR, CO, CT, DE, DC
•• California
•• FL, GA, HI
•• ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY
•• LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT
•• NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND
•• OH, OK, OR, PA, RI
•• SC, SD, TN, TX, UT
•• VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY

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