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    2018:  65.1% – ranked #34 among the states (100% fluoridated is ranked #1)
    2014:  63.7%
    2006 65.1%
    2000:  62.5%
    1992:  58.4%
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  • To learn when your town was fluoridated, and which fluoridation chemical it uses, click here.


• 2020: Levels of Fluoride in the State’s Drinking Water and Fluoridation Status53 Public Water Systems with fluoride levels over 0.71 ppm.

For a quick overview, Michael Dolan, in his November 2021 Fluoridation Review, listed these cities and towns in Kansas:

The following list, obtained from the Fluoride in Kansas website, a joint project of the State of Kansas, the Kansas Dental Association and Oral Health Kansas consists of towns with at least 0.7 mg/L fluoride, ie. “fluoridated”, and towns with less than 0.7 mg/L fluoride, ie. “non-fluoridated.” This designation does not distinguish between towns that are fluoridated and those that have naturally occurring fluoride. We hope to further distinguish these in the coming months.

Fluoridated cities and towns: Abilene, Allen Co. RWD 12, Allen Co. RWD 15, Allen Co. RWD 16, Allen Co. RWD 4,  Allen Co. RWD 6, Allen Co. RWD 7, Allen Co. RWD 8, Altamont, Anderson Co. RWD 1, Anderson Co. RWD 5, Arcadia, Atchison Co. RWD 5C, Atwood, Bartlett, Bazine, Bed Rock Mobile Home Park, Bern, Bird City, Bourbon Co. RWD 2C, Brewster, Bunker Hill, Burdett, Burlingame, Burns, Cherokee Co. RWD 03, Cherokee Co. RWD 07, Cherokee Co. RWD 1, Cherokee Co. RWD 2, Cherryvale, Colby, Colonial Gardens Mobile Home Court, Colony, Columbus, Coolidge, Council Grove, Crawford Co. RWD 1C, Crawford Co. RWD 4, Deerfield, Dickinson Co. RWD 2, Dodge City, Doniphan Co. RWD 2, Doniphan RWD 5, East Garden Village Mobile Home Park (Finney Co.), East Garden Village Mobile Home Park (Scott Co.). Edna, Elwood, Finney Co. RWD 1, Finney Co. RWD 2, Fort Riley, Fort Scott, Franklin Co. RWD 2, Franklin Co. RWD 3, Fulton, Garden City, Garnett, Gas City, Geary Co. Water District 2, Girard, Goodland, Grainfield, Grinnell, Hamilton Co. RWD 1, Hanston, Herndon, Horace, Hoxie, Hunters Island Water District, Ingalls, Iola, Jefferson Co. RWD 12, Jetmore, Johnson Co RWD 7, Johnson Co. RWD 6, Johnson, Kanorado, Kansas City, Kansas Soldiers Home, Kincaid, Kismet, Konza Valley Rural Water Co, Labette Co. RWD 3, Labette Co. RWD 5, Labette Co. RWD 7, Labette Co. RWD 8, Laharpe, Lakin, Lan-Del Water District, Lane Co. RWD 1, Lansing Correctional Facility, Lawrence, Leavenworth Co. RWD 05, Leavenworth Co. RWD 08,vv Leavenworth Co. RWD 1, Leavenworth Co. RWD 1C, Leavenworth Co. RWD 2, Leavenworth Co. RWD 6, Leavenworth, Lenora, Leoti, Lincoln, Louisburg, Lyon Co. RWD 3, Lyons, Macksville, Manhattan, Manter, Marais des Cygnes Public Utility Authority, Marion Co. Improvement District 2, Marion Co. RWD 2, Marion Co. RWD 4, Marion, Mayfield, McConnell Air Force Base, McCracken, McCune, McDonald, Meade, Miami Co. RWD 1, Montgomery Co. RWD 2, Montgomery Co. RWD 6, Moran, Morland, Moscow, Mound Valley, Neosho Co. RWD 02, Neosho RWD 03, Neosho RWD 10, Neosho RWD 4, Ness City, New Century Air Center, Nickerson, Oberlin, Offerle, Olathe, Osage Co. RWD 4, Paolo, Park, Pittsburg, Plains, Pottawatomie Co. RWD 2, Prescott, Princeton, Public Wholesale WSD 4, Public Wholesale WSD 5, Quinter, Randolph, Red Bud Lake Improvement District (Dickinson Co.), Red Bud Lake Improvement District (Saline Co.), Rexford, Riley Co. RWD 01, Roseland, Rush Co. RWD 1, Salina, Saline Co. RWD 3, Satanta, Scammon, Scott City, Selden, Sharon Springs, Spearville, St. Francis, Sterling, Sublette, Summerfield, Tonganoxie, Toronto, Tribune, Ulysses, Uniontown, University Park Water District, Utica, Virgil, Wallace, Walnut, Wathena, West Hills Subdivision, Western Acres Mobile Home Park, Wheatland Electric Cooperative Inc. (Finney Co.), Wheatland Electric Cooperative Inc. (Scott), Wilson Co. RWD 9, Winona, Yates Center.

Non-fluoridated cities and towns: Abbyville, Admire, Agenda, Agra, Albert, Alexander, Allen Co. RWD 10, Allen Co. RWD 13, Allen, Alma, Almena, Alta Vista, Alton, Altoona, Andale, Anderson Co. RWD 1C, Anderson Co. RWD 4, Anthony, Argonia, Arkansas City, Arlington, Arma, Arnold Waterworks Inc., Ashland, Assaria, Atchison Co. RWD 1, Atchison Co. RWD 3, Atchison Co. RWD 5C, (Atchison), Atchison Co., Atchison Co. RWD 6. Atchison, Atlanta, Attica, Augusta, Aurora, Axtell, Baldwin City, Barber Co. RWD 1, Barber Co. RWD 2, Barber Co. RWD 3, Barnard, Barnes, Barton Co. Community College, Barton Co. RWD 2, Barton Hills Addition, Baxter Springs, Beattie, Bel Aire, Belle Plaine, Belleville, Beloit, Belpre, Belvue, Bennington, Bentley, Benton, Beverly, Bison, Blue Mound, Blue Rapids, Bluff City, Bogue City, Bonner Springs, Bourbon Co. RWD 4, Bronson, Brookville, Brown Co. RWD 1, Brown Co. RWD 2, Brownell, Bucklin, Buffalo Hills, Buffalo, Buhler, Burden, Burlington, Burr Oak, Burrton, Bushton, Butler Co. RWD 1, Butler Co. RWD 2, Butler Co. RWD 3, Butler Co. RWD 4, Butler Co. RWD 5, Butler Co. RWD 6, Butler Co. RWD 7, Caldwell, Cambridge, Caney, Canton, Carbondale, Cassoday, Cawker City, Cedar Point, Cedar Vale, Centralia, Chanute, Chapman, Chase Co. RWD 1, Chase, Chautauqua Co. RWD 1, Chautauqua Co. RWD 2, Chautauqua Co. RWD 3, Chautauqua, Cheney, Cherokee Co. RWD 4, Cherokee Co. RWD 5, Cherokee Co. RWD 8, Cherokee Co. RWD 9, Cherokee, Chetopa, Chicopee Rural Water District, Chisholm Creek Utility Authority, Cimarron, Circleville, Claflin, Clay Center, Clay Co. RWD 01, Clay Co. RWD 2, Clayton, Clearview City, Clifton, Cloud Co. RWD 1, Clyde, Coal Hollow Water Company, Coats, Coffey Co. RWD 2, Coffee Co. RWD 2E, Coffey Co. RWD 3, Coffeyville, Coldwater, Collyer, Colwich, Comanche Co. RWD 01, Comanche Co. RWD 2, Concordia, Conway Springs, Copeland, Corning, Cottonwood Falls, Cottonwood Mobile Home Park, Country View Mobile Home Park, Countryside Estates Mobile Home Park (Ellis), Countryside Estates Mobile Home Park (Reno), Courtland, Cowley Co. RWD 1, Cowley Co. RWD 2, Cowley Co. RWD 3, Cowley Co. RWD 4, Cowley Co. RWD 5, Cowley Co. RWD 6, Cowley Co. RWD 7 (Cowley), Cowley Co. RWD (Sumner), Cowley Co. RWD 8, Crawford Co. RWD 1, Crawford Co. RWD 2, Crawford Co. RWD 3, Crawford Co. RWD 5, Crawford Co. RWD 6, Crawford Co. RWD 7, Cuba, Cullison, Culver, Cunningham, Damar, Dearing, Delia, Delphos, Denison, DeSoto, Dexter, Dickinson Co. RWD 1, Dighton, Doniphan Co. RWD 1, Doniphan Co. RWD 3, Dorrance, Douglas Co. RWD 1, Douglas Co. RWD 2, Douglas Co. RWD 3, Douglas Co. RWD 4, Douglas Co. RWD 5, Douglas Co. RWD 6, Douglass, Downs, Durham, Dwight,Easton, Eastside Mobile Home Park (Finney), Edgerton, Effingham, El Dorado, El Paso, Elbing, Elgin, Elk City, Elk Co. RWD 1, Elk Co. RWD 2, Elkhart, Ellinwood, Ellis Co. RWD 1C (Ellis), Ellis Co. RWD 1C (Trego), Ellis Co. RWD 3, Ellis Co. RWD 6, Ellis, Ellsworth Co. RWD 1, Ellsworth, Elmdale, Emmett, Emporia, Englewood, Ensign, Enterprise, Erie, Esbon, Eskridge, Eudora, Eureka, Everest, Fall River, Florence, Fontana, Ford, Formoso, Fort Riley Multi Purpose Range Complex, Fowler, Frankfort, Franklin Co. RWD 1, Franklin Co. RWD 4, Franklin Co. RWD 5, Franklin Co. RWD 6, Fredonia, Frontenac, Ft. Leavenworth, Fulton, Galena, Galesburg, Galva, Garden Plain, Gardner, Gaylord, Geary Co. RWD 1, Geary Co. RWD 4, Geary Co. Water District 2, Genesco, Geuda Springs (Cowley), Geuda Springs (Sumner), Glade, Glasco, Glen Elder, Goddard, Goessel, Goff, Gorham, Gove, Grandview Plaza, Great Bend, Great Plains Development Authority, Greeley, Green Acres Mobile Home Park, Green, Greenleaf, Greensburg, Greenwood Co. RWD 1, Greenwood Co. RWD 2, Greenwood Co. RWD 3, Grenola, Gridley, Gypsum, Haddam, Halstead, Hamilton, Hanover, Hardtner, Harper Co. RWD 1, Harper Co. RWD 2, Harper Co. RWD 4, Harper Co. RWD 5, Harper, Hartford, Harvey Co. RWD 1, Harveyville, Haven, Havensville, Haviland, Hawks, Hays Suburban Estates, Hays, Haysville, Hazelton, Herington, Heritage Feeders, Herndon, Hesston, Hiawatha, Highland, Hill City, Hillcrest, Hillsboro, Hoisington, Holcomb, Holton, Holyrood, Hope, Horton, Howard, Howison Heights Water District, Hoyt, Hugoton, Humboldt, Hunter, Hutchinson, Independence, Inman, Isabel, Iuka, Jackson Co. RWD 1, Jackson Co. RWD 3, Jamestown, Jefferson, Co. RWD 1, Jefferson, Co. RWD 2, Jefferson, Co. RWD 3, Jefferson, Co. RWD 7, Jefferson, Co. RWD 9, Jefferson, Co. RWD 10, Jefferson, Co. RWD 11, Jefferson, Co. RWD 13, Jefferson, Co. RWD 14, Jefferson, Co. RWD 15, Jennings, Jewell Co. RWD 1, Jewell, Johnson Co. Water Distrtc 1, Johnston Trailer Court, Junction City, Kanopolis, Kechi, Kensington, Kingman Co. RWD 1, Kingman, Kinsley, Kiowa, Kirwin, Labette Co. RWD 1C, Labette RWD 6, Lacrosse, Lacygne, Lake Wabaunsee Improvement Disrict, Lakesie Village Improvement District, Lancaster, Lane, Larned State Hospital, Larned, Latham, Leavenworth Co. RWD 10, Leavenworth Co. RWD 7, Leavenworth Co. RWD 9, Lebanon, Lebo, Lecompton, Lehigh, Leon, Leonardville, Leroy, Lewis, Liberal, Liebenthal, Lindsborg, Linn Valley Co. RWD 1, Linn Valley Co. RWD 2, Linn Valley Co. RWD 3, Linn Valley, Linn Valley Lakes POA, Linn, Linwood, Little River, Logan, Long Island, Longford, Longton, Lorraine, Lucas, Luray, Lyndon, Lyon Co. RWD 1, Lyon Co. RWD 2, Lyon Co. RWD 4, Lyon Co. RWD 5, M&M Mobile Home Park, M and M Mobile Home Park Court 2, Madison, Mahaska, Maize, Manchester, Mankato, Maple Hill, Marion Co. RWD 1, Marquette, Marshall Co. RWD 1, Marshall Co. RWD 3, Marysville, Matfield Green, McFarland, McLouth, McPherson Co. RWD 1, McPherson Co. RWD 2, McPherson Co. RWD 3, McPherson Co. RWD 4, McPherson Co. RWD 5, McPherson Co. RWD 6 (McPherson), McPherson Co. RWD 6 (Saline), McPherson, Meadow Acres Mobile Home Court, Medicine Lodge, Melvern, Mendoza Mobile

Home Park, Metropolitan Topeka Airport Authority, Miami Co. RWD 1, Miami Co. RWD 3, Miami Co. RWD 3 Miami Co. RWD 4 (Brown), Miami Co. RWD 3 (Miami), Milford, Miller Mobile Home Court, Miltonvale, Minneapolis, Minneola, Mitchell Co. RWD 1, Mitchell Co. RWD 2, Mitchell Co. RWD 3, Moline, Montezuma, Montgomery Co. RWD 1, Montgomery Co. RWD 1C, Montgomery Co. RWD 2C A, Montgomery Co. RWD 2C B, Montgomery Co. RWD 4, Montgomery Co. RWD 8, Montgomery Co. RWD 9, Montgomery Co. RWD 12, Montgomery Co. RWD 13, Montgomery Co. RWD 14 (Montgomery), Montgomery Co. RWD 14 (Washington), Morganville, Morrill, Morris Co. RWD 1, Morrowville, Mound City, Moundridge, Mount Hope, Mulberry, Mullinville, Mulvane, Munden, Muscotah, Narka, Natoma, Nemaha Co. RWD 01, Nemaha Co. RWD 02, Nemaha Co. RWD 03, Nemaha Co. RWD 04, Neodesha, Neosho Co. RWD 06, Neosho Co. RWD 07, Neosho Co. RWD 08, Neosho RWD 7, Neosho RWD 9, Neosho RWD 12, Netawaka, New Strawn, Newton, Norcatur, North Newton, Norton Co. RWD 1, Norton Correctional Facility, Norton, Nortonville, Norwich, Oakley, O’Connell Youth Ranch, Ogden, Oketo, Olmitz, Olpe, Olsburg, Onaga, Oneida, Osage, Osage Co. RWD 2, Osage Co. RWD 3, Osage Co. RWD 5, Osage Co. RWD 6, Osage Co. RWD 7, Osage Co. RWD 8, Osawatomie, Osborne Co. RWD 1A, Osborne Co. RWD 2, Osborne, Oskaloose, Oswego, Otis, Ottawa Co. RWD 1, Ottawa Co. RWD 2, Ottawa, Overbrook, Oxford, Ozawkie, , Palco, Palmer, Paradise Park Mobile Home Court, Paradise, Park City, Parker, Parsons, Pawnee Rock, Paxio, Peabody, Perry, Peru, Phillips Co. RWD 1, Phillipsburg, Plainville, Pleasanton, Pomona, Portis, Pottawatomie Co. RWD 1, Pottawatomie Co. RWD 3, Pottawatomie Co. RWD 4 (Pottawatomie), Pottawatomie Co. RWD 4 (Wabaunsee), Potwin, Powhattan, Prairie Schooner Mobile Home Park, Prairie View, Pratt, Preston, Pretty Prairie, Protection, Public Wholesale WSD 8, Public Wholesale WSD 11, Public Wholesale WSD 12, Public Wholesale WSD 13, Public Wholesale WSD 17 (Harvey), Public Wholesale WSD 17 (McPherson), Public Wholesale WSD 18 (Jackson), Public Wholesale WSD 18 (Nemaha), Public Wholesale WSD 19, Public Wholesale WSD 20 (Chautauqua), Public Wholesale WSD 20 (Osage), Public Wholesale WSD 23, Public Wholesale WSD 8, Quenemo, Quinter, Randall, Ransom, Rantoul, Raymond, Reading, Reno Co. RWD 1, Reno Co. RWD 101 – Yoder, Reno Co. RWD 3, Reno Co. RWD 4, Reno Co. Water District 8, Republic Co. RWD 1, Republic Co. RWD 2, Republic, Reserve, Rice Co. RWD 1, Richmond, Riley, Riverchase Mobile Home Park, Robinson, Rocky Ford Mobile Home Court, Rocky Ford Water Co., Rolla, Rolling Hills Landowners Assn., Rooks Co. RWD 01, Rook Co. RWD 2, Rooks Co. RWD 3, Rose Hill, Rossville, Rozel, Rush Center, Russell Co. RWD 1, Russell Co. RWD 2, Russell Co. RWD 3, Russell Co. RWD 4, Russell, Sabetha (Brown), Sabetha (Nemaha), Saline Co. RWD 1, Saline Co. RWD 2, Saline Co. RWD 4,  Saline Co. RWD 6, Saline Co. RWD 7, Saline Co. RWD 8, Sawyer, Scandia, Schoenchen, Scranton, Sedan, Sedgwick Co. RWD 1, Sedgwick Co. RWD 2, Sedgwick Co. RWD 3, Sedgwick Co. RWD 4, Sedgwick, Seneca, Severy, Sharon, Shawnee Co. RWD 1C, Shawnee Co. RWD 2C, Shawnee Co. RWD 3C (Shawnee), Shawnee Co. RWD 3C (Wabaunsee), Shawnee Co. RWD 4C, Shawnee Co. RWD 8, Silver Lake, Simmons Subdivision Sanitation System, Simpson (Cloud), Simpson (Mitchell), Smith Center, Smith Co. RWD 1, Soldier, Solomon, South Haven, South Hutchinson, Southwind Subdivision (Finney), Speed, Spivey, Spring Hill, St. George, St. John, St. Marys, St. Paul, Stafford, Stockton, Strong City, Suburban Water Co. (Leavenworth), Sumner Co. RWD 1, Sumner Co. RWD 2, Sumner Co. RWD 3, Sumner Co. RWD 4, Sumner Co. RWD 5, Sumner Co. RWD 6, Sumner Co. RWD 7, Sundowner West Inc. (Saline), Sunset Valley Estates LLC (Ellis), Supreme Cattle Feeders Mobile Home Park (Seward), Susank, Sylvan Grove, Sylvia, Syracuse, Tescott, Thayer, The Harbor (Sedgwick), Timber Creek East Water District (Pottawatomie), Timken, Tipton, Topeka, Towanda, Towns River Subdivision (Finney), Trego Co. RWD 1 (Ness), Trego Co. RWD 1 (Trego), Trego Co. RWD 2, Troy, Turon, Tuttle Creek Water Co. (Riley), Tuttle Terrace Trailer Court (Riley), Udall, University of Kansas (Douglas), Valley Center, Valley Falls, Vermillion, Victoria, Viola, Wabaunsee Co. RWD 1, Wabaunsee Co. RWD 2, Wakeeney, Wakefield, Waldo, Wallace Co. RWD 1, Walnut Grove MHC Brensing White (Pottawatmie), Walnut Grove MHC Brensing White (Wabaunsee), Walnut Grove MHC Brooks (Pottawatomie), Walton, Wamego, Washington Co. RWD 1, Washington Co. RWD 2, Washington, Waterville, Waverly, Weir, Wellington, Wellsville, West Mineral, Westmoreland, Wetmore, White City, White Cloud, Whitehurst Trailer Park (Finney), Whitewater, Whiting, Wichita, Williamsburg, Willis, Wilsey, Wilson, Wilson Co. RWD 1, Wilson Co. RWD 2, Wilson Co. RWD 3, Wilson Co. RWD 4, Wilson Co. RWD 5, Wilson Co. RWD 6, Wilson Co. RWD 7, Wilson Co. RWD 8, Wilson Co. RWD 10, Wilson Co. RWD 11, Wilson Co. RWD 12, Wilson Co. RWD 13, Winchester, Windom, Winfield, Woodbine (Dickinson), Woodbine (Morris), Woodson, Woodson Co. RWD 1, Zenda (Kingman), Zenda (Rooks).



  • Kansas Statute Annexed § 19-3521a, gives local communities the authority to fluoridated the public water supply.  The statute provides that if a certain percentage of citizens sign a petition opposing fluoridation, the community must bring the question to a vote in the next election.  To learn more about this law, click here.



If you live in KS and want to get the fluoride out of your water contact Deanna Havens, FAN’s campaign coordinator.


Community Population Date
Wichita 385,000 November 6, 2012
Humboldt 1,940 September 22, 2009
Hutchinson 38,000 November 2, 2004
Harper 1,463
(as of 2011)
May 31, 2001
McPherson 13,182
(as of 2011)
April 3, 2001
Winfield 12,288
(as of 2011)
March 6, 2000
Wichita 385,000
(as of 2011)
October 26, 1999


Water System County Population Size Fluoride Level (ppm)
Burns Marion 226 2.2
Colby Thomas 5,396 1.6
Dighton Lane 1,361 2.6
Dodge City Ford 21,129 2.4
Goodland Sherman 4,983 1.5
Oldmitz Barton 130 2.0
Information from CDC’s Fluoridation Census published in 1993.


In 2008, Kansas ranked #31 out of 48 states for Hydrogen Fluoride releases (341,332 pounds) into the environment. The following data comes from EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory (TRI). “Total releases” includes both water and air pollution. It’s important to note, however, that not all industries or sources that release fluoride into the environment are included in the TRI.

2008 Releases
(in pounds)
Type of Industry Name of Industry
130,000 Coal-fired power plant GREAT PLAINS ENERGYLACYGNE GENERATING STATION. 25166 E 2200 RD, LA CYGNE, Kansas 66040 (LINN)
106,000 Coal-fired power plant JEFFREY ENERGY CENTER. 25905 JEFFREY RD, SAINT MARYS, Kansas 66536 (POTTAWATOMIE)
41,026 Coal-fired power plant RIVERTON GENERATING STATION. HWY 66, RIVERTON, Kansas 66770 (CHEROKEE)
36,000 Coal-fired power plant TECUMSEH ENERGY CENTER. 2ND & DUPONT RD, TECUMSEH, Kansas 66542 (SHAWNEE)
20,000 Coal-fired power plant LAWRENCE ENERGY CENTER. 1250 N 1800 RD, LAWRENCE, Kansas 66044 (DOUGLAS)
900 Coal-fired power plant HOLCOMB UNIT 1. 2440 HOLCOMB LN BOX 430, HOLCOMB, Kansas 67851 (FINNEY)
700 Transportation Equipment SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS INC. 3801 S OLIVER, WICHITA, Kansas 67210 (SEDGWICK)

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