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To elucidate the etiology of postoperative spinal cord injury (PSCI) for patients undergoing laminectomy for fluorosis thoracic canal stenosis (FTCS) and summarize the methods of diagnosis and treatment.

From 2006 to 2009, a total of 192 FTCS cases underwent laminectomy. Among them, 16 cases with gradual postoperative neural deterioration were finally diagnosed as PSCI on MRI.One case of intraoperative spinal cord injury was excluded so that only 15 cases were included.

All cases were treated immediately with incision cite puncture and dehydration.Neural function recovered after secondary operation as JOA score improved from 3.00 ± 1.14 to 7.72 ± 1.41 at 12 months follow-up.Statistical analysis demonstrated a linear correlation between the diagnosis time and the improvement of JOA score.

Hematoma and fluid leakage are the common reasons of PSCI for FTCS patients. Meticulous hemostasis, usage of artificial dura matter and partial negative pressure drainage are valuable preventive measures.