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In a randomized double-blind study with two parallel groups of 10 male healthy volunteers each the response of gastric mucosa after a 7 days ingestion of sodium fluoride tablets (NaF) or sodium monofluorophosphate tablets (MFP) was compared. Gastroscopic evaluations were performed before treatment, day 1 and day 7. Simultaneously blood samples were collected for determination of laboratory data and serum fluoride values. In the MFP-group no severe gastric lesions were observed, whereas in the NaF-group in 7 of the 10 subjects significant gastric mucosal lesions including acute hemorrhages and free blood in the gastric lumen were found. The differences of the lesions scores in both groups were statistically significant (p = 0.0015). The serum fluoride content was comparable in both treatment groups. Possible adverse drug reactions were reported in 4 subjects with NaF and in 1 subject with MFP. In summary, under the experimental conditions used MFP is well tolerated by the stomach while NaF produces significant gastric mucosal lesions.