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Standard cytochemical methods were used to investigate the ameliorative effect of melatonin (0.2 mM) on chromosomal aberrations in human lymphocyte cultures induced by arsenic (As2O3, 1.4 ?M) and/or fluoride (NaF, 34 ?M). As2O3 and/or NaF generated a significant increase in the incidence of chromosomal aberrations as compared to control levels. Combined treatment with As2O3 and NaF induced more chromosomal aberrations and aneuploidy than either reagent individually. Melatonin supplements brought about a significant decrease in the number of aberrations, with the percentage of amelioration varying between 53% and 88%. This reduction by melatonin of genotoxic effects exerted by As and/or F is probably attributable to its protective antioxidant action.