Fluoride Action Network


Albino rabbits were injected sodium fluoride solutions in the concentration of 5, 10, 20 and 50 mg/kg body weight/day subcutaneously for 100 days. The control rabbits were given 1 cc of distilled water for the same period and sacrificed. The ovary was examined for histopathological changes. Animals in control and 5 mg fluoride treated groups displayed normal follicles with oocytes and interstitial tissue in ovaries. In animals treated with 10 and 20 mg fluoride, ovary exhibited congested oocytes in the follicles, necrosis of follicle cells and interstitial oedema. The degenerative changes were most pronounced in animals treated with 50 mg fluoride, in which complete atrophy of follicles along with oocyte disintegration and marked necrosis of cells accompanied by infiltration of monocytes, lymphocytes and histiocytes in interstitial tissue occurred. The data indicate that the structural alterations in the ovary were more pronounced with the concomitant increase in the dose of fluoride.