Fluoride Action Network


To explore the susceptibility and resistance or tolerance genes related to dental fluorosis, 30 children were selected at random from surveyed populations in two residential areas in China with different levels of fluoride (F) in their drinking water. Elbow venous blood samples were analyzed for leukocyte gene expression profiles using the cDNA chip for the control group, the high-loaded F group, and the dental fluorosis group. The results indicated that, compared with the control group, a total of 1057 genes were differentially expressed in the high-loaded F group. Of these, 148 were robustly up-regulated, and 61 were robustly down-regulated. In contrast, a total of 964 genes were differentially expressed in the dental fluorosis group as compared with the control group. These included 71 robustly up-regulated genes and 60 robustly down-regulated genes. In comparison with the high-loaded F group, 633 genes were differentially expressed in the dental fluorosis group. Of these, the number of robustly up-regulated genes and robustly down-regulated genes were 15 and 67, respectively. These findings suggest that differences in the occurrence of dental fluorosis are related to differences in gene susceptibility and resistance or tolerance.