Fluoride Action Network


The healthy, adult male rats (Rattus norvegicus) were treated with fluoride water (F.W.+5.8 ppm), F.W.+ ascorbic acid and F.W. + vitamins (C, D) and Ca+2 for 60 days. Fluoride water ingestion to rats for 60 days resulted in significant reduction of seminal vesicle weight, sperm motility and sperm density of cauda epididymis and testis as compared to control values. The level of testosterone diminished significantly leading to reduced fertility and numbers of litters. The total erythrocytes number, hemoglobin and haematocrit value declined. The concentration of protein, fructose and ascorbic acid decreased, whereas, the cholesterol concentration of testis and enzyme activity of acid phosphatase increased significantly (P<0.001) as compared to control value. The exogenous feeding of ascorbic acid and vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium along with fluoride water for 60 days caused recovery in all altered parameters studied including circulating level of testosterone, blood physiology, sperm function and fertility. The data suggest that ascorbic acid and vitamin C, vitamin D and Ca +2 treatment can play a prophylactic role to maintain normal physiology in fluoride toxicity.