Fluoride Action Network


In a 68-year-old man with a painful syndrome of the lower extremities which began at the age of 64 years, workup revealed a generalized osteopathy with sclerosis of the axial skeleton and osteopenia at the extremities associated with pathologic fractures. The occupational history showed exposure to several synthetics such as vinyl chloride, polyethylene, delrine and polyamides over 30 years. However, a presumptive connection between the skeletal disorder and the occupational exposure could not initially be substantiated. In a later analysis of the bone biopsies from 1991, a significant increase of fluorine in the tibia and fibula of the patient was detected and thus the diagnosis of industrial fluorosis established. The fluorine presumably originated from the workup of polytetrafluorethylene plates. A detailed analysis of the workplace is ongoing. The fluorosis may obviously appear as a variable skeletal disease. The clinical picture of fluorosis is incompletely described in most of the German textbooks. It calls for an extended description of the X-ray findings associated with fluorosis and a new definition of the disease.