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The case of ? 35-year-old woman is described presenting stiffness and severe pain in the spine, gastric disturbances, stomatitis, paresthesias in legs and arms, especially in the u1nar nerve area, loss of mental acuity, visual disturbances and extreme general malaise.

On1y ? few clear-cut objective findings were noted, namely: decreased muscular power in the ulnar nerve area, stomatitis and brittle nails. Consu1tants in various specialties felt that this patient was afflicted with an organic disease.

This condition cleared up comp1ete1y following elimination of fluoridated water at the 1 ?.?.?. concentration and recurred following its resumption.

These symptoms coincide clearly with manifestations of incipient fluo?ine poisoning as described by Roholm, Frada and Mentesana, and Walters. Additional cases of this disease have been observed which will b? reported later. They indicate that allergic individuals are more susceptible to this disease.