Fluoride Action Network


Recently, many researchers and scholars have studied about the effects of the trace element, iodine, on the level of intelligence in children. However there has been little coverage or noise about the same effect of fluorine on children. For this purpose we have performed some research and the results are as follows.


Results of IQ testing: the number of children whose level of intelligence is lower is significantly increased in regions of high fluoride/iodine, regions of high fluoride only, regions of high fluoride/low iodine, against their respective comparative groups. Little difference was detected in the results of high fluoride/iodine regions and regions where only a high amount of fluoride is detected. However, the results in these aforementioned regions in comparison against regions of high fluoride/low iodine are significantly different. This could be demonstrative of the fact that fluoride acts to increase the toxicity and worsen the occurrence of thyroid swelling.