Fluoride Action Network


We used the Orion fluoride electrode system to determine the normal range of serum ionic fluoride concentrations and to investigate its relationship to sex and age (A). 87 normal men, aged 18-92 years (mean, 46 years), and 49 normal women, age 19-64 years (mean, 38 years), participated in the study. At the 95% confidence limits, males less than 45 years old had a normal range of 0.29 to 1.52 mumol/litre and males greater than or equal to 45 years old 0.29 + 0.0101 (A-45) to 1.52 + 0.0101 (A-45) mumol/litre. Females, however, had a normal range of 0.022A – 0.32 to 0.022A + 1.07 mumol/litre. A group of 51 men 18-44 years old was compared with a group of 36 men 46-92 years old. The mean serum F- of the older group was shown to be significantly greater (P less than 0.01) than that of the younger group. Factors related to serum ionic fluoride values are (a) tea as an important source of dietary F-, (b) the lack of significant variation during daytime hours, and (c) the lack of significant difference in concentration between serum and plsma F-.