Fluoride Action Network


SUMMARY: Wistar rats were given 20 ppm fluoride in drinking water, or single administration of 115 mg/kg alloxan i.m. to induce diabetes, or single administration of 115 mg/kg alloxan i.m. followed by 20 ppm fluoride for 31 days. Blood sugar level increased in rats given alloxan and alloxan + fluoride. Body weight gain in rats given alloxan + fluoride decreased significantly compared to other groups. Decrease in hemoglobin and glutamic oxaloacetate transaminase (GOT) was seen only in rats given alloxan + fluoride. In this group alkaline phosphatase, the target enzyme in fluoride toxicosis, increased considerably. The toxicity of fluoride in diabetic rats was further reflected in organ weight data. This investigation shows that fluoride toxicity is greater in diabetic rats.


Pathological findings of the present study also indicate toxicological magnification by fluoride in diabetic rats. Both diabetes and fluorosis are major disorders which affect several organ systems. It may be concluded from the present study that toxicity by fluoride is greater in diabetes.