Fluoride Action Network


A Fluoride export gene (CsFEX) was newly found and isolated from Camellia sinensis and its functions in detoxifying F were investigated in transgenic Escherichia coli and Arabidopsis thaliana. CsFEX contains two crcB domains, which is the typical structure in plants. The expression of CsFEX in C. sinensis is tissue specific and related to maturity of leaves, and its expression is significantly induced by F treatments in different tissues of C. sinensis, particularly in leaves. Additionally, the growth of C. sinensis, E. coli, and A. thaliana can all be inhibited by F treatment. However, the growth of CsFEX-overexpression E. coli was increased with lower F content under F treatment compared to the control. Similarly, the germination and growth of CsFEX-overexpression A. thaliana were enhanced with lower F content under F treatment compared to wild type. CsFEX relieves F toxicity in the transgenic E. coli and A. thaliana by alleviating F accumulation.