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F.A.N.tv is home to an evolving catalogue of both full length documentaries and short clips. The videos, which feature FAN's interviews with leading figures in fluoride research, including dentists, toxicologists, and award-winning journalists, seek to shed light on the health concerns with current fluoride exposures and the history/politics of the water fluoridation program.

A Deep Dive Into The NTP Fluoride Neurotoxicity Review

“There is very strong evidence that at exposures to fluoridated water occurring right now in the United States, children are being harmed.” – Chris Neurath, FAN Research Director.

This 30 minute presentation takes an extended look into the scientific literature on fluoride’s neurotoxicity currently under systematic review by the National Toxicology Program (NTP). Chris Neurath, FAN Research Director offers comments on the NTP review and shows, through a benchmark-dose analysis, that fluoride is a neurotoxic risk to children, in utero and in infancy, at exposure levels seen in fluoridated communities.

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