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F.A.N.tv is home to an evolving catalogue of both full length documentaries and short clips. The videos, which feature FAN's interviews with leading figures in fluoride research, including dentists, toxicologists, and award-winning journalists, seek to shed light on the health concerns with current fluoride exposures and the history/politics of the water fluoridation program.

FAN Q&A: The Status of Fluoridation in Other Countries

You asked, we answered. One of our supporters asks: “Will the outcome of this trial have an effect on other countries?” FAN’s advisory committee board member Rick North answers this question as part of FAN’s new Q&A video series.

See the full FAN Q&A playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmxCN7TG9j3ImbAOK5gc53FQety50A0C

Countries that fluoridate their water: https://fluoridealert.org/content/bfs-2012/

Water fluoridation in Europe: https://fluoridealert.org/content/europe-statements/

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