Fluoride Action Network


F.A.N.tv is home to an evolving catalogue of both full length documentaries and short clips. The videos, which feature FAN's interviews with leading figures in fluoride research, including dentists, toxicologists, and award-winning journalists, seek to shed light on the health concerns with current fluoride exposures and the history/politics of the water fluoridation program.

Fluoride & Headaches: A Personal Story from Julie Simms

Julie Simms tells an engaging story of how she alleviated her migraine headaches by limiting her exposure to fluoride and fluoridated water. Julie is one of many fluoride sensitive people that have seen relief once fluoride is removed from their diet. Please watch and share this video. By amplifying the voices of the victims of fluoridation, we can show the unnecessary cruelty of adding this chemical to everyone’s drinking water without regard for dose, medical history, or individual reactions. If our politicians cannot ensure it is safe for everyone, then it shouldn’t be forced on anyone! We’re working hard to end water fluoridation. You can support the Fluoride Action Network with a tax-deductible donation today: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/…

More on fluoride hypersensitivity here: https://fluoridealert.org/issues/heal…

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