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    2018:  72.7% – ranked #31 among the states (100% fluoridated is ranked #1)
    2014:  79.0%
    1992:  64.0%
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2020: Levels of Fluoride in the State’s Drinking Water and Fluoridation Status1,537 Public Water Systems with fluoride levels over 0.71 ppm.

• 68 public water systems over 4.0 ppm.
• 68 systems 3.0 ppm to 4.0 ppm
• 222 systems 2.0 ppm to 2.99 ppm
• 733 systems 1.0 ppm to 1.99 ppm
• 446 systems 0.71 ppm to 0.99 ppm.

For a quick overview, Michael Dolan, in his November 2021 Fluoridation Review, listed the cities, towns and counties in Texas that are fluoridated and not fluoridated – see at bottom.


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  • The State of Texas does not mandate fluoridation.  Local governments control fluoridation policy in TX.  City councils can begin or discontinue fluoridation at their discretion, or by a referendum vote.  Each community’s fluoridation ordinance is unique.  To learn more about these fluoridation ordinances, click here.


  • 2018. Oral Health in Texas: A Report on the Burden of Oral Disease in Texas. By the Texas Health Institute. This reports states that 68.8% of the state’s population receive fluoridated water. No mention of dental fluorosis.
  • 2008. Oral Health in Texas 2008. By the Texas Department of State Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. DSHS OHP acknowledges the funding and technical support received from the Division of Oral Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, in making this document available to the citizens of Texas as provided through Cooperative Agreement No. U58/CCU622789-0. No mention of dental fluorosis.


If you live in TX and want to get the fluoride out of your water contact Rae Nadler-Oelnick, FAN’s Texas state coordinator.


Community Population Date
Wills Point 3,670 August 31, 2022
Buda 7,295 November 8, 2017
San Marcos 44,894 November 3, 2015
 College Station 100,000 September 22, 2011
 Lago Vista 6,500 April 21, 2011
 Alamo Heights 7,470 September 8, 2008
Elgin City Council 8,262 November 2007


Water Systems County Population Fluoride (ppm)
Abernathy Hale 2,600 2.7
Acres WSC Bell 565 2.5
Alpine Brewster 5,850 1.8
Alvarado Johnson 3,750 2.6
(See Ref. 1, 2)
Andrews 11,061 4.9
Anton Hocklley 1,190 1.5
Apache Shores-Resort Prop Inc Travis 1,400 2.6
Arledge Ridge WSC Fannin 900 1.5
Armstrong WSC Bell 1,445 4.5
Atacosa Rural WSC Bexar 4,626 1.9
Avalon WSC Ellis 600 2.8
Axtell WSC McLennan 1,230 2.0
Bailey Fannin 250 1.5
Bardwell Ellis 500 6.1
Barstow Ward 650 2.5
Bartlett Williamson 1,567 2.8
Bartonville WSC Denton 4,050 1.5
Bayshore MUD Harris 3,200 2.8
Bells Grayson 1,000 2.4
Bellvue Clay 290 1.8
Bethesda WSC Johnson 17,334 1.5
Big Lake Reagan 3,672 1.5
Birome WSC Hill 1,600 2.2
Blooming Grove Havarro 850 5.1
Boerne Kendall 4,274 2.0
Boyce WSC Ellis 1,125 4.5
Brandon Irene WSC Hill 1,500 1.7
Canyon MWS Randall 11,500 2.9
Cego-Durango Water Supply Corp Falls 800 2.1
Chilton Water Co Falls 915 2.2
China Spring WC McLennan 189 2.1
Claude MWS Armstrong 1065 1.8
Colleyville Tarrant 14,700 1.8
Cooper ISD Lubock 1,200 4.7
Covington WW Hill 500 8.0
Crims Chapel WSC Rusk 591 8.8
Crosbyton Crosby 2,250 1.6
Dalhart Dallam 6,800 1.5
Dallas NAS Dallas 850 1.6
Deaf Smith FWSD 1 Deaf Smith 600 1.8
Denver City Yoakum 5,139 2.6
Detroit Red River 705 3.5
Dimmitt MWS Castro 4,800 1.9
Dog Ridge WSC Bell 2,250 6.1
Dowdell PUD Harris 1,209 2.1
Dripping Springs WSC Hays 1,860 2.4
East Bell WSC Bell 2,500 2.6
Edmondson Hale 99 2.0
Eldorado Schleicher 1,900 2.1
Elk-Oak Lake WSC McLennan 1,377 1.8
Elmont-Farmington WSC Grayson 475 1.5
Evant WSC Coryell 425 1.7
Farwell MWS Parmer 1,373 2.2
Ferris Ellis 2,500 3.8
Fort Davis WSC Jeff Davis 1,200 2.5
Friona MWS Parmer 3,809 2.2
Frost Navarro 570 4.8
Ft Gates WSC Coryell 1,775 1.7
Ft Hancock WCID Hudspeth 800 2.1
Ft Stockton Pecos 8,524 1.5
Ganado Jackson 2,000 1.5
Garrison Nacogdoches 1,668 1.5
Glenn Heights Dallas 5,000 1.5
Gober WSC Fannin 85 1.5
Gorforth WSC Hays 3,702 2.8
Grandfalls Ward 650 1.9
Granger Williamson 1,190 3.0
Gruver MWS Hansford 1,216 2.1
Gunter WSC Grayson 2,325 1.5
H & H WSC McLennan 1,320 1.5
Hale Center Hale 2,297 3.0
Happy MWS Swisher 588 2.7
Hart MWS Castro 1,008 1.9
HCO MUD 24 Harris 5,658 1.7
HCO WCID 21 Harris 11,169 1.5
Hereford MWS Deaf Smith 15,000 3.2
Hickory Creek WSC Hunt 2,000 3.3
Hillsboro Hill 7,772 1.8
Holland Bell 950 3.2
Honey Grove Fannin 2,400 1.5
Hudspeth Co WCID 1 Hudspeth 600 2.2
Hutto Williamson 630 4.0
Idalou Lubbock 2,338 4.2
Imperial WC Pecos 600 1.5
Italy Ellis 2,100 1.9
J & R Water Supply Bell 860 5.6
Jackintoport Harris 2,500 1.5
Jarvis Christian College Wood 760 2.0
Jim Hogg Co WCID 2 Jim Hogg 4,800 2.3
Jonah WSC Williamson 4,674 3.3
Kendall County WCID 1 Kendall 1,758 2.1
Kennard WSC Houston 540 3.1
Kennendale Tarrant 4,163 1.8
Kress MWS Swisher 783 1.9
Kyle Hays 2,125 3.4
La Porte Harris 23,000 1.5
Ladonia Fannin 1,100 2.9
Lake Cities MUA Denton 7,500 2.3
Lebanon WSC Collin 534 1.6
Levi WSC McLennan 1,130 2.5
Little Elm Valley WSC Bell 935 1.9
Littlefield Lamb 6,500 1.9
Loop WSC (FHA) Gaines 500 5.3
Loraine Mitchell 731 1.7
Lorena WC McLennan 1,530 1.5
Lorenzo Crosby 1,396 2.5
Lott Falls 1,020 2.3
Lubbock Christian University Lubbock 1,000 4.4
Lubbock Co WCID 1 Lubbock 387 2.4
Lytle Atascosa 2.655 2.3
Manor Travis 1,041 2.1
Maple WSC Bailey 220 2.0
Marfa Presidio 2,221 2.6
Matagorda WSC Matagorda 846 1.7
Meadow Terry 587 4.7
Medina WSC Bandera 456 2.4
Melissa Collin 604 1.5
Midland (Midland) 89,443 1.8
Miles Runnels 792 1.8
Milford Ellis 900 1.8
Miller Grove WSC Hopkins 1,146 2.4
Millersview-Doole WSC Concho 3,000 2.2
Moffat WSC Bell 2,256 1.6
Monahans Ward 8.044 2.0
Mont Belvieu Chambers 2,151 1.9
Morton PWS Cochran 2,550 4.2
Mountain WSC Coryell 1,035 1.7
Nash Forreston WSC Ellis 1,056 2.1
New Deal Lubbock 521 2.4
New Summerfield WSC Cherokee 780 1.5
North Hunt WSC Hunt 2,100 2.9
Northampton MUD Harris 3,063 1.5
Oglesby Coryell 500 1.8
Olton Lamb 2,235 2.3
Ovilla Ellis 1,413 1.7
Palmer Ellis 1,650 4.1
Pantego Tarrant 2,650 1.7
Paxton WSC Shelby 540 1.8
Pecos Reeves 12,855 2.5
Pepper Creek WSC 1 Bell 2,500 1.6
Perry Water Supply Corp Falls 450 3.1
Perryton MWS Ochiltree 8,000 2.1
Petersburg Hale 1,641 3.2
Phillips Pet-Pantex WS Hutchinson 1,500 1.7
Plains Yoakum 1,487 3.9
Plainview Hale 25,000 1.6
Post Garza 3,500 1.7
Prairie Hill WSC Limestone 716 1.8
Quitaque MWS Briscoe 550 1.8
Rankin Upton 1,011 2.4
Red Oak Ellis 2,250 1.5
Refugio Refugio 3,100 1.6
Refugio Co WCID 1 Refugio 490 2.3
Reno Lamar 2,286 3.5
Ringgold WSC Montague 481 3.7
Rockett WSC Ellis 15,300 2.3
Rogers Bell 1,150 2.7
Roosevelt ISD Lubbock 1,189 2.6
Roscoe Nolan 1,440 1.5
Sagemeadow MUD Harris 6,582 2.0
San Leon MUD Galveston 4,449 1.5
Sardis Lone Elm WSC Ellis 5,028 1.6
Seagraves Gaines 2,443 4.9
Seminole Gaines 6,100 3.9
Shallowater Lubock 1,708 5.0
Siesta Plaza MHP Randall 300 2.4
South Ellis Co WSC Ellis 800 2.0
South Grayson WSC Grayson 2,810 1.6
Spearman MWS Hansford 3,418 1.6
Spur Dickens 1,665 1.7
Starr WSC Grayson 1,500 1.9
Stinnett MWS Hutchinson 2,166 1.5
Sundown Hockley 1,800 3.4
Tatum Rusk 1,620 1.5
Taylor Williamson 11,472 2.9
Taylor’s Valley WSC Bell 550 2.1
Tenaha Shelby 1,620 1.5
Tom Bean Grayson 1,000 1.6
Tri City WC Hutchinson 1,750 1.7
Tri County WSC Falls 3.800 3.1
Turkey MWS Hall 600 1.6
Van Alstyne Grayson 2,200 1.6
Van Horn Culberson 3,600 2.3
Western Hills WS McLennan 1,257 1.7
Whiskers Retreat Hunt 600 3.0
White Face Cochran 450 3.0
White River MUD Crosby 10,435 1.8
Whitewright Grayson 2,100 1.5
Wickett Ward 800 1.7
Wilmer Dallas 3,500 2.3
Wilson Lynn 571 4.4
Windom Fannin 325 1.5
Wink Winkler 1,200 2.2
Wixson WC Brazos 3,630 2.0
Wolfforth Lubbock 1,934 4.9
Yantis Wood 621 3.0
Information from CDC’s Fluoridation Census published in 1993.
Ref. 1.
“… The City of Andrews provides drinking water from the Ogallala Aquifer, which has naturally occurring fluoride at 5.1mg/l. Currently, the City operates 16 wells; six in the Florey Field and 10 in the University Fields. Average monthly production is 60 million gallons pumped with a daily usage of approximately 3 million gallons.The City of Andrews has been notified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that the water being supplied by our system exceeds the maximum primary contaminant level for fluoride established by the drinking water standards which were promulgated as required by the “Safe Drinking Water Act, ” Public Law 93.523 (U.S.). The primary maximum contaminant level has been set at 4.0 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water. The sample of water from our system contained 5.1 milligrams of fluoride at this level. The excessive fluoride content of the water may cause mottling of the teeth in children under 14 years of age. There is no immediate health hazard for drinking water containing fluoride at this level. All dentists in this area are aware of the fluoride level.The City of Andrews makes available fluoride reduced water to all families with children under the age of 14 at the building behind City Hall, 111 Logsdon. If you are eligible and desire to participate in this program, bring your clean one-gallon to five-gallon container to fill with the fluoride reduced water. Each family is responsible for obtaining its reduced fluoride water. An area is provided to rinse your container before filling. There is no charge for the water. Please limit your withdrawal to only 10 gallons per day.This will ensure an adequate daily supply for all our customers…”This information was online at http://www.cityofandrews.org/water.htm
Ref. 2. See 2004 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


In 2008, Texas ranked #4 out of 48 states for Hydrogen Fluoride releases (3,434,807  pounds). Texas industry also released 28,289 pounds of Fluorine into the environment. The following data comes from EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory (TRI). “Total releases” includes both water and air pollution. It’s important to note, however, that not all industries or sources that release fluoride into the environment are included in the TRI.

2008 Releases
(in pounds)
Type of Industry Name of Industry
476,242 Coal-fired power plant DUKE ENERGY CORP PLANT ALLEN. 253 PLANT ALLEN RD, BELMONT, North Carolina 28012 (GASTON)
303,407 Coal-fired power plant CLIFFSIDE STEAM STATION. 573 DUKE POWER RD, MOORESBORO, North Carolina 28114 (RUTHERFORD)
260,000 Coal-fired power plant CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO – MAYO ELECTRIC GENERATING PLANT. 10660 BOSTON RD, ROXBORO, North Carolina 27574 (PERSON)
220,000 Coal-fired power plant CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO – ROXBORO STEAM ELECTRIC PLANT. 1700 DUNNAWAY RD, SEMORA, North Carolina 27343 (PERSON)
171,960 Coal-fired power plant DUKE ENERGY CORP BELEWS CREEK STEAM STATION. 3195 PINE HALL RD, BELEWS CREEK, North Carolina 27009 (STOKES)
163,535 Stone/Clay/Glass PINE HALL BRICK CO INC. 634 LINDSAY BRIDGE RD, MADISON, North Carolina 27025 (ROCKINGHAM)
148,697 Coal-fired power plant DUKE ENERGY CORP RIVERBEND STEAM STATION. 175 STEAM PLANT RD, MOUNT HOLLY, North Carolina 28120 (GASTON)
110,000 Coal-fired power plant CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO – CAPE FEAR STEAM ELECTRIC PLANT. 500 CP&L RD, MONCURE, North Carolina 27559 (CHATHAM)
104,393 Coal-fired power plant DUKE ENERGY CORP BUCK STEAM STATION. 1555 DUKEVILLE RD, SPENCER, North Carolina 28159 (ROWAN)
100,000 Coal-fired power plant CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO – H F LEE STEAM ELECTRIC PLANT. 1677 OLD SMITHFIELD RD, GOLDSBORO, North Carolina 27530 (WAYNE)
89,508 Chemicals /Phosphate PCS PHOSPHATE CO INC AURORA DIV. 1530 NC HWY 306 S, AURORA, North Carolina 27806 (BEAUFORT)
80,865 Coal-fired power plant DUKE ENERGY CORP DAN RIVER STEAM STATION. 900 S EDGEWOOD RD, EDEN, North Carolina 27288 (ROCKINGHAM)
56,499 Coal-fired power plant MARSHALL STEAM STATION. 8320 E NC 150 HWY, TERRELL, North Carolina 28682 (CATAWBA)
53,000 Coal-fired power plant CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO – W H WEATHERSPOON PLANT. 491 POWER PLANT RD, LUMBERTON, North Carolina 28358 (ROBESON)
38,416 Stone/Clay/Glass LEE BRICK & TILE CO. 3704 HAWKINS AVE, SANFORD, North Carolina 27330 (LEE)
33,229 Coal-fired power plant CPI USA NORTH CAROLINA LLC. 1281 POWER HOUSE DR SE, SOUTHPORT, North Carolina 28461 (BRUNSWICK)
26,122 Stone/Clay/Glass BORAL BRICKS INC SALISBURY PLANT. 700 S LONG ST, EAST SPENCER, North Carolina 28039 (ROWAN)
25,851 Stone/Clay/Glass STATESVILLE BRICK CO. 391 BRICK YARD RD, STATESVILLE, North Carolina 28677 (IREDELL)
22,440 Stone/Clay/Glass HANSON BRICK ROSEBORO PLANT. 2981 AUTRY HWY 24, ROSEBORO, North Carolina 28382 (SAMPSON)
18,937 Stone/Clay/Glass HANSON BRICK – MONROE PLANT. 2304 BRICKYARD RD, HWY 74, MONROE, North Carolina 28110 (UNION)
4,479 Coal-fired power plant ROANOKE VALLEY ENERGY FACILITY. 290 POWER PL, WELDON, North Carolina 27890 (HALIFAX)
4,328 Coal-fired power plant EDGECOMB GENCO LLC. 6358 OLD BATTLEBORO RD, BATTLEBORO, North Carolina 27809 (EDGECOMBE)
2,200 Coal-fired power plant CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO-ASHEVILLE PLANT. 200 CP&L DR, ARDEN, North Carolina 28704 (BUNCOMBE)
500 Computers/Electronics CREE INC. 4600 SILICON DR, DURHAM, North Carolina 27703 (DURHAM)
15 Chemicals GE CO. 3901 CASTLE HAYNE RD NC HWY 133, WILMINGTON, North Carolina 28401 (NEW HANOVER)

Texas cities and towns that are fluoridated according to Michael Dolan’s Fluoridation Review of November 2021 (incomplete)

Alphabetical lists

Fluoridated cities and towns: Andrews (n-2.8 mg/L), Aransas Bay Utilities (1.3), Archer County MUD 1, Austin County WAC #4, Bandera (1.9), Bandera River Ranch No. 1 (2.3), Bandina Inc. (2.45), Bastrop, Bastrop Co. WCID No. 1, Bastrop Co. WCID No. 2 (1.62), Baylor Water Supply Corp., Beulah Water Supply Corp., Blue Medina WSC (2.19), Campbellton (1.2), Chase Field Naval Air Station, Claude (1.88), Comanche Cliffs (2.10), Copano Village, Fashing, Flying L Ranch PUD (2.5), Four Way Water Supply Corp., Holiday Beach, Holliday, Lakeside, Lakewood Water, Lamar, Lytle (1.4), Maple (1.8), Medina WSC (1.9), Muleshoe, New Ulm, Palestine, Peggy, Peninsula Water Co. (1.4), Pettus, Pleasant Springs WSC, Prairie Grove Water Supply Corp., Rockport, Scotland, Seymour, Skidmore, Slocum, Tucker, Washburn (2.45), Windthorst WSC.

Fluoridated cities and towns with added fluoride: Afton Grove, Allen, Baird, Burnet, Callahan Co. WSC, Converse, Blanco, Dean, East Central WSC, Calhoun County RWS, Cameron Co. FWSC #1, Celina, Chambers Co. MUD#1, Clyde, Copeville, Craft-Turney WCS, Culleoka, Danville, Eagle Lake, East Fork, East Rio Hondo WSC, Elmendorf-Universal City, Eula, Fairview, Farmersville, Frisco, Gum Creek WSC, Henrietta, Indian Lake, Jacksonville, JBSA-Lackland, JBSA-Medina, JBSA-Randolph, Josephine, Lake Jackson, Lavon, Lockhart, Lucas, Luling, McKinney, Melissa, Milligan, Murphy, Nevada, North Cherokee WSC, North Collin WSC, North Farmersville, Parker, Plano, Port Lavaca, Port O’Connor, Princeton, Prosper, San Antonio, SAWS DSP – North East, SAWS-Texas Research Park, Seis Lagos MUD, Treasure Island, Wylie.

Fluoridated cities and towns with natural fluoride: Alpine (1.75), Alto, Alto Rural WSC, Alto Rural WSC Central, Altoga, Anna (1.73), Atacosa Rural WSC (2.47), Bellvue (1.75), Benchley Oaks Subdivision, Blackjack WSC, Bledsoe (1.6), Blue Ridge, BMWD-Timberwood Park, Borden County WS (6.15), Brazoria Co. Detention Center – 2 (1.3), Brazoria Co. MUD #2, Brazoria Co. MUD #3, Brazoria Co. MUD #6, Brazoria Co. MUD #21 (2.0), Brazoria Co. MUD #22 (2.0), Brazoria Co. MUD #25, Brazoria Co. MUD #29 (1.7), Bronte, Brownsville, Brushy WSC (1.88), Cedar Grove Park, Childress, Coke County WSC, Coles Crossing (3.7), Commodore Cove ID, Cross Plains, Danbury, Desert WSC, Dimmitt (1.6), Dodson, Douglassville, El Jardin WSC, Falfurrias, Forest, Ft. Sam Houston-Camp Bullis, Frognot, Granite Shoals-Kingswood, Granite Shoals-Sherwood Shores III, Grasslands, Grey Forest Water System, Groom, Hart (1.6), Highland Utilities (1.1), Hillcrest Village (1.1), Holiday Lake, Johnson City, Jones Creek Terrace, La Jitas on the Rio Grande (1.83), Leon Springs Mobile Villa, Linden, Liverpool (1.5), Los Fresnos, Lost Lakes (2.3), Lyons, Mackenzie MWS (1.5), Manvel (1.38), Marathon WSC (1.30), Midway ISD (1.9), Mont Belvieu (2.2), Morton (3.95), Nazareth (3.2), New Concord WSC, New Summerfield, Oak Crest of Manvel, Oak Manor (1.6), Palm Park, Panhandle (1.09), Pearland MUD #1, Pine Valley Mobile Home Park, Plantation on Cotton Bayou (3.18), Quintana, Quitaque MWS (1.9), Reklaw WSC, Richwood, Robert Lee, Rocky Creek WS, Rosharon, RRR Tell-Cee Vee WS, Rust Ranch Water Supply, Seadrift, Sedona Lakes MUD #1, Silverton MWS (1.5), Skellytown, Smith Bend WSC, Somerville, Southwood Estaes, Inc., Stryker Lake WSC, Study Butte Terlingua WS, Surfside Beach, TDC Retreive Unit, TDCJ Darrington Unit, Tower Terrace (1.6), Varner Creek UD, Valley Mills, Verona, Wells, Westminster, White Deer, White Face (2.8), White Face ISD (3.1), Wixson WSC, Woodland Acres Subdiv (2.69).

Non-fluoridated cities and towns: 439 WSC, Air Force Village II, Alamo Heights, Anahuac, Angelina County FWSD 1, Angelina Water Supply Corp., Angleton, Aqua Water Supply Co ., Archer City, Armstrong WSC, Arroyo, Atlanta, Avinger,Bandera Co. FWSD No. 1, Bangs, Barrow Ranch, Bateman, Beeville, Bell Co WCID #2, Bell Co WCID #3, Bell Co WCID #4, Bell Co WCID #5, Bell-Milam Falls WSC 1, Bellville, Belton, Bertram, Bi-County WSC, Blanket, Bloomburg, Bluegrove, BMWD-Castle Hills, BMWD – Chaparral, BMWD Elm Valley, BMWD – North San Antonio Hills, Brazoria Co. MUD #31, Brazos Country, Bryan, Burns-Redbank WSC, Central WCID, Central Bowie County WSC, Brookesmith, Brownwood, Burleson County MUD No. 1, Cade Lake WSC, Caldwell, Central Texas College Killeen, Charlotte, Childress Creek WSC, Christine, Clifton, Clute, Coleman, Coleman County WSC, College Station, Colorado Co. WCID #2, Columbus, Combes, Coolcrest Water System, Cottonwood Shores, Country Springs Water Co., Cuney, Dale, Damon, Deanville, DeKalb, Dialville-Oakland WSC, Diboll, Dog Ridge WAC, Domino, Eagles Bluff, Early, Eastern Cass WSC, Elgin, Elkhart, Federal Correctional Inst. (Texarkana), Fair Oaks Ranch Utilities, Fort Hood, Frankston, Freeport, Holland, Hooks, Gallatin, Geronimo Forest Water System, Glidden FWSD #1, Granfills Gap, Granite Shoals, Gray’s Trailer Court, Harlingen, Hollingsworth Corner, Holly Springs WSC, Hudson Water Supply Corp., Hughes Springs, Huntington, Iredell, Iron Hill WSC, JBSA-Sam Houston, Jourdanton, Kirby, La Feria, Lake Medina Shores, Lake Sheridan Estates, Lakeside, Lakeside WSD, Leary, Leon Valley, Little Elm Valley WSC, Live Oak, Lufkin, Lufkin State School, M&M Water Supply Corp., Macedonia Eylau Municipal Utilities Dist., Marble Falls, Marietta, Martindale, Maud, Maxwell, May, Maydelle, Meadow Acres WSC, Meadowlakes, McCoy, Megargel, Meridian, Moffat WSC, Morgan, Morgan’s Point, O & B WSC, Mustang Valley, Nash, New Boston, Oak Grove WSC, Oaks North Mobile Home Estates, The Oaks WSC, Olmito WSC, OSR WSC [College Station], Oyster Creek, Palm Valley Estates UD, Pendleton, Petrolia, Pittsburgh, Pleasanton, Point Comfort, Pollok-Redtown Water Supply Corp., Polonia WSC, Poteet, Primera, Queen City, Raintree Acres Mobile Home Park, Red River Redev. Auth., Red Water, Redland Water Supply Corp., Rice Consolidated ISD, Ridge Harbor, Rio Hondo, Rogers, RRA-Arrowhead Lake Lots WS, Rusk, Rusk Rural WSC, Salado WSC, Samnorwood, San Benito, Santa Anna, Santa Rosa, Sealy, Selma, Shavano Park, Smithville, Snook, Spicewood Beach WSC, Stage Coach Hills, Steele Creek Acres, Stowell, Sweeny, TDJC McConnell Unit, TDCJ Ramsey Unit, Temple, Texarkana, Texas A&M University, Thunderbird Bay Subdivision, Thunderbird Point WS, Tri Community WSC, Trinity Bay CD Winnie-Stowell, Trinity Bay CD West Plant,Troy, Tunis, Valley MUD #2 Rancho Viejo, Village Trace WS, Wake Village, Wallis, Walnut Springs, Weimar, Wellborn WSC, Wellington, West Bell Co WSC., West Jacksonville Western Cass WSC, Weston Windmere Oaks Subdivision, Winnie Woodland Harbor, Woodlawn WSC, Yegua, Zavalla WCID, Zephyr.

County lists (incomplete)

Anderson County, fluoridated: Palestine, Pleasant Springs WSC, Slocum, Tucker; non-fluoridated: Elkhart, Frankston

Andrews County, fluoridated: Andrews (n-2.8 mg/L)

Angelina County, fluoridated: Beulah Water Supply Corp., Four Way Water Supply Corp., Prairie Grove Water Supply Corp.; non-fluoridated: Angelina County FWSD 1, Angelina Water Supply Corp., Central WCID, Diboll, Hudson Water Supply Corp., Huntington, Lufkin, Lufkin State School, M&M Water Supply Corp., Pollok-Redtown Water Supply Corp., Redland Water Supply Corp., Woodlawn WSC, Zavalla WCID.

Aransas County, fluoridated: Aransas Bay Utilities (1.3), Copano Village, Holiday Beach, Lamar, Peninsula Water Co. (1.4), Rockport.

Archer County, fluoridated: Archer County MUD 1, Holliday, Lakeside, Scotland, Windthorst WSC, non-fluoridated: Archer City, Megargel.

Armstrong County, fluoridated: Claude (1.88), Washburn (2.45)

Atascosa County, fluoridated: Campbellton (1.2), Fashing, Lytle (1.4), Peggy; non-fluoridated: Charlotte, Christine, Jourdanton, McCoy, Pleasanton, Poteet.

Austin County, fluoridated: Austin County WSC #4, New Ulm; non-fluoridated: Bellville, Brazos Country, Sealy, Wallis.

Bailey County, fluoridated: Maple (1.8), Muleshoe

Bandera County, fluoridated: Bandera (1.9), Bandera River Ranch No. 1 (2.3), Bandina Inc. (2.45), Blue Medina WSC (2.19), Comanche Cliffs (2.10), Flying L Ranch PUD (2.5), Medina WSC (1.9); non-fluoridated: Bandera Co. FWSD No. 1, Lake Medina Shores, Lakewood Water.

Bastrop County, fluoridated: Bastrop, Bastrop Co. WCID No. 1, Bastrop Co. WCID No. 2 (1.62); non-fluoridated: Aqua Water Supply Co., Elgin, Smithville.

Baylor County, fluoridated: Baylor Water Supply Corp., Seymour.

Bee County, fluoridated: Chase Field Naval Air Station, Pettus, Skidmore; non-fluoridated: Beeville, TDJC McConnell Unit

Bell County, non-fluoridated: 439 WSC, Armstrong WSC, Bell Co WCID #2, Bell Co WCID #3, Bell Co WCID #4, Bell Co WCID #5, Bell-Milam Falls WSC 1, Belton, Central Texas College Killeen, Dog Ridge WAC, Fort Hood, Holland, Little Elm Valley WSC, Moffat WSC, Morgan’s Point, O & B WSC, Pendleton, Rogers, Salado WSC, Temple, Troy, West Bell Co WSC.

Bexar County, fluoridated: Atacosa Rural WSC (2.47), BMWD-Timberwood Park, Converse, East Central WSC, Elmendorf-Universal City, Ft. Sam Houston-Camp Bullis, Grey Forest Water System, JBSA-Lackland, JBSA-Medina, JBSA-Randolph, Leon Springs Mobile Villa, Palm Park, San Antonio, SAWS DSP – North East, SAWS-Texas Research Park; non-fluoridated: Air Force Village II, Alamo Heights, BMWD-Castle Hills, BMWD – Chaparral, BMWD Elm Valley, BMWD – North San Antonio Hills, Coolcrest Water System, Country Springs Water Co., Fair Oaks Ranch Utilities, Geronimo Forest Water System, JBSA-Sam Houston, Kirby, Leon Valley, Live Oak, Meadow Acres WSC, Oaks North Mobile Home Estates, The Oaks WSC, Selma, Shavano Park, Stage Coach Hills.

Blanco County, fluoridated: Blanco, Johnson City, Rust Ranch Water Supply.

Borden County, fluoridated: Borden County WS (6.15)

Bosque County, fluoridated: Rocky Creek WS, Smith Bend WSC, Valley Mills; non-fluoridated: Childress Creek WSC, Clifton, Granfills Gap, Iredell, Lakeside WSD, Meridian, Morgan, Mustang Valley, Steele Creek Acres, Walnut Springs.

Bowie County, fluoridated: none (except for Plattners Mobile Home Park (1.3); non-fluoridated: Burns-Redbank WSC, Central Bowie County WSC, DeKalb, Federal Correctional Inst. (Texarkana), Hooks, Leary, Macedonia Eylau Municipal Utilities Dist., Maud, Nash, New Boston, Oak Grove WSC, Red River Redev. Auth., Red Water, Texarkana, Wake Village.

Brazoria County, fluoridated: Alvin, Brazoria Co. Detention Center – 2 (1.3), Brazoria Co. MUD #2, Brazoria Co. MUD #3, Brazoria Co. MUD #6, Brazoria Co. MUD #21 (2.0), Brazoria Co. MUD #22 (2.0), Brazoria Co. MUD #25, Brazoria Co. MUD #29 (1.7), Cedar Grove Park, Commodore Cove Imprv. Dist., Danbury, Grasslands, Hillcrest Village (1.1), Holiday Lake, Jones Creek Terrace, Lake Jackson, Liverpool (1.5), Manvel (1.38), Oak Crest of Manvel, Oak Manor (1.6), Pearland, Pearland MUD #1, Pine Valley Mobile Home Park, Quintana, Richwood, Rosharon, Sedona Lakes MUD #1, Southwood Estates, Inc., Surfside Beach, TDC Retreive Unit, TDCJ Darrington Unit, Treasure Island, Varner Creek UD; non-fluoridated; Angleton, Bateman, Brazoria, Brazoria Co. MUD #31, Clute, Damon, Freeport, Oyster Creek, Raintree Acres Mobile Home Park, Sweeny, TDCJ Ramsey Unit, Village Trace WS.

Brazos County, fluoridated: Benchley Oaks Subdivision, Brushy WSC (1.88), Wixson WSC; non-fluoridated: Bryan, College Station, OSR WSC [College Station], Texas A&M University, Wellborn WSC.

Brewster County, fluoridated: Alpine (1.75), La Jitas on the Rio Grande (1.83), Marathon WSC (1.30); non-fluoridated: Study Butte Terlingua WS.

Briscoe County, fluoridated: Mackenzie (1.5), Quitaque (1.9), Silverton (1.5).

Brooks County, fluoridated: Falfurrias.

Brown County, non-fluoridated: Bangs, Blanket, Brookesmith, Brownwood, Early, May, Thunderbird Bay Subdivision, Zephyr.

Burleson County, fluoridated: Lyons, Somerville; non-fluoridated: Burleson County MUD No. 1, Cade Lake WSC, Caldwell, Deanville, Snook, Tunis, Yegua.

Burnet County, fluoridated: Burnet, Granite Shoals-Kingswood, Granite Shoals-Sherwood Shores III, Highland Utilities (1.1); non-fluoridated: Bertram, Cottonwood Shores, Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Hollingsworth Corner, Meadowlakes, Ridge Harbor, Spicewood Beach WSC, Windmere Oaks Subdivision,

Caldwell County, fluoridated: Lockhart, Luling; non-fluoridated: Dale, Martindale, Maxwell, Polonia WSC, Tri Community WSC.

Calhoun County, fluoridated: Calhoun County RWS, Port Lavaca, Port O’Connor, Seadrift; non-fluoridated: Point Comfort.

Callahan County, fluoridated: Baird, Callahan Co. WSC, Clyde, Cross Plains, Eula.

Cameron County, fluoridated: Brownsville, Cameron Co. FWSC #1, East Rio Hondo WSC, El Jardin WSC, Indian Lake, Los Fresnos; non-fluoridated: Arroyo, Combes, Harlingen, La Feria, Olmito WSC, Palm Valley Estates UD, Primera, Rio Hondo, San Benito, Santa Rosa, Valley MUD #2 Rancho Viejo.

Camp County, non-fluoridated: Bi-County WSC, Pittsburgh, Thunderbird Point WS, Woodland Harbor.

Carson County, fluoridated: Groom, Panhandle (1.09), Skellytown, White Deer.

Cass County, fluoridated: Douglassville, Linden; non-fluoridated: Atlanta, Avinger, Bloomburg, Domino, Eastern Cass WSC, Holly Springs WSC, Hughes Springs, Marietta, Queen City, Western Cass WSC.

Castro County, fluoridated: Dimmitt (1.6), Hart (1.6), Nazareth (3.2).

Chambers County, fluoridated: Chambers Co. MUD#1, Coles Crossing (3.7), Lost Lakes (2.3), Mont Belvieu (2.2), Plantation on Cotton Bayou (3.18), Tower Terrace (1.6), Woodland Acres Subdiv (2.69); non-fluoridated: Anahuac, Barrow Ranch, Gray’s Trailer Court, Trinity Bay CD Winnie-Stowell, Trinity Bay CD West Plant, Stowell, Winnie.

Cherokee County, fluoridated: Afton Grove, Alto, Alto Rural WSC, Alto Rural WSC Central, Blackjack WSC, Craft-Turney WCS, Forest, Gum Creek WSC, Jacksonville, New Concord WSC, New Summerfield, North Cherokee WSC, Reklaw WSC, Stryker Lake WSC, Wells; non-fluoridated: Cuney, Dialville-Oakland WSC, Eagles Bluff, Gallatin, Iron Hill WSC, Maydelle, Rusk, Rusk Rural WSC, West Jacksonville.

Childress County, fluoridated: Childress, RRR Tell-Cee Vee WS

Clay County, fluoridated: Bellvue (1.75), Byers, Dean, Henrietta, Midway ISD (1.9); non-fluordiated: Bluegrove, Petrolia, RRA-Arrowhead Lake Lots WS.

Cochrane County, fluoridated: Bledsoe (1.6), Morton (3.95), White Face (2.8), White Face ISD (3.1).

Coke County, fluoridated: Bronte, Coke County WSC, Robert Lee.

Coleman County, non-fluoridated: Coleman, Coleman County WSC, Santa Anna.

Collin County, fluoridated: Allen, Altoga, Anna, Blue Ridge, Celina, Copeville, Culleoka, Danville, Desert WSC, East Fork, Fairview, Farmersville, Frisco, Frognot, Josephine, Lavon, Lucas, McKinney, Melissa, Milligan, Murphy, Nevada, North Collin WSC, North Farmersville, Parker, Plano, Princeton, Prosper, Seis Lagos MUD, Verona, Westminster, Wylie. Non-fluoridated: Weston.

Collingsworth County, fluoridated: Dodson; non-fluoridated: Samnorwood, Wellington.

Colorado County, fluoridated: Eagle Lake; non-fluoridated: Colorado Co. WCID #2, Columbus, Glidden FWSD #1, Lake Sheridan Estates, Rice Consolidated ISD, Weimar.


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