Fluoride Action Network


Serum and dialysate ionic fluoride (F-) were determined in 29 patients under hemodialysis (HD) treatment. Serum creatinine (Cr), blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and phosphorus (P) were also examined before and after HD in 92 patients including the above 29 patients under the same treatment. Results reveal that serum F- levels of the patients before and after HD were statistically higher than those of the healthy subjects. The dialysis clearance of F- was 55.6 +/- 101.3 ml/min and the value was statistically significantly lower than those of Cr, BUN (95%, p < 0.001) and P (95%, p < 0.01). Based on these results, it is concluded that despite a net clearance of F- during a given HD procedure, serum F- failed to return to normal.