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The physiological toxicity of sodium fluoride on antioxidant system, organizational structure and apoptosis of brain tissue in Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus were studied. Results showed that along with the increasing concentration of sodium fluoride, the superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione (GSH) activities increased firstly and then were inhibited after 30 days exposure. The SOD and GSH activities decreased after 60 and 90 days exposure. The content of lipid peroxides (MDA) increased during the whole test period. After 90 days exposure, histopathological changes of brain tissue were observed. It was found that thrombosis and structural changes in the cell layers were resulted from the exposure of sodium fluoride. The biological investigation results showed that there was a positive correlation between the cell apoptosis rate and the MDA levels (r = 0. 9968), but with dosage increasing, Bcl-2 protein concentration decreased, which was positive correlated with SOD and GSH activities (r =0. 9198 and 0. 9889, respectively).