Fluoride Action Network


Toxic effects of the pyrethroid pesticide deltamethrin and water-borne fluoride, alone and in combination, on free radical mediated parameters are reported in rats. Twenty-four healthy adult Wistar rats of both sexes were divided into 4 groups with 6 rats in each group. Group I receiving no treatment served as the control. Group II and group III were orally administered deltamethrin (1/100 of LD50) and 20-ppm fluoride in their drinking water, respectively, for 28 days. An additional group IV was co-administered deltamethrin and fluoride at the same dosages as groups II and III. Enhanced oxidative stress was observed as shown by significantly increased lipid peroxidation and alterations in antioxidant parameters, especially in the fluoride- deltamethrin co-exposed group IV.

NOTE FROM FAN: Deltamethrin is a brominated pyrethroid insecticide. The specific foods that this pesticide is approved for in the U.S. are here.