Fluoride Action Network


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to observe the human hair follicle apoptosis status affected by fluorine and the antagonism effect by selenium in vitro.

METHODS: The single hair follicles were separated and cultured, then they were added in different concentrations of sodium fluoride and sodium selenite. Chosen the appropriate concentrations, they were divided into 7 groups. The TUNEL was used to investigate the apoptotic cells of different parts. The morphous of hair follicles was observed consecutively and electron microscope was used.

RESULTS: We found that in 1 mmol/L and 10 mmol/L sodium fluoride groups, when the human hair follicles in vitro were cultured on the 5th day, the apoptotic cells of outer root sheath (ORS), dermal sheath and hair papilla, hair bulb were obviously increased. But 0.01 mmol/L sodium selenite weakened the toxicity of 1 mmol/L sodium fluoride at the outer root sheath and hair bulb (P < 0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: Different concentrations of sodium fluoride had different effect on the growth of human hair follicle in vitro which were cultured on 5th day. Sodium fluoride of certain concentration could accelerate the apoptosis of human hair follicle in vitro. Sodium selenite of certain concentration could act antagonism to the toxicity of sodium fluoride.