Fluoride Action Network


Thirty-five subjects employed in a phosphoric acid producing plant were studied by the authors. The investigation included: history, according to the C.E.C.A. questionnaire for chronic bronchitis and emphysema; physical examination, chest X-ray spirometry and lung diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide by the steady state method (DLCOSS). High prevalence of chronic bronchitis (45.7%), obstructive spirometric impairment (37.1%), and decreased values of DlcoSS (31.4%) were detected. Two subjects were found to be affected with p 1/0 and 7 with p 0/1 pneumoconiosis. Such findings were significantly related to the lenght of working activity as well as to dust and gaseous fluoride (hydrofluoric acid, hexafluorosilicic acid and silicon tetrafluoride) exposure.