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Consequences of oral arsenic and fluoride exposure on motor behavior and general toxicity were modeled in young adult male rats which received sodium (meta)arsenite (10 mg/kg-b.w.), sodium fluoride (5 mg/kg-b.w.), and their combination by gavage, once daily, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, 6 animals per group were dissected, while the other 6 were kept for 6 more weeks untreated. Body weight, together with food and water consumption, was measured daily. Arsenic, alone or along with fluoride, caused significant decrease in rearing, and increase in immobility and local activity in the open field in the 3rd and 6th week. By the 12th week, these changes mostly diminished. Weight gain, and food and water consumption were significantly reduced by arsenic but normalized post treatment. Fluoride had no own effect and mostly no influence on effects of arsenic. Massive deposition of arsenic in the rats’ blood, cerebral cortex, and liver by the 6th week, and partial elimination by the 12th week, was seen. The results underline the risk of neuro-functional damage by arsenic and call for further investigations.