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Case: A 72-year-old man presented for evaluation of bony prominences over extremities. Radiographic imaging demonstrated masses of varying sizes extending from the cortical surfaces without medullary continuity. The patient had a history of Freon inhalation abuse and was diagnosed with skeletal fluorosis due to elevated serum fluoride levels. He underwent an uncomplicated excision of a left fibular mass that was threatening skin breakdown.

Conclusions: This is the first reported surgical case of skeletal fluorosis demonstrating continued enlargement of bony prominences throughout the body. Skeletal fluorosis not only causes diffuse mineralization but may also lead to protruding lesions throughout the body.

*Abstract online at https://journals.lww.com/jbjscc/Abstract/2020/06000/Excision_of_Prominent_Bony_Mass_due_to_Skeletal.3.aspx