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NEW VIDEO: What Level of Fluoride is Safe for All?

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | September 28, 2018

The third video in the Fluoride Action Network’s Fluoride Fundamentals series is now available.  The latest production features FAN’s Director, Paul Connett, PhD, discussing the importance of applying a regulatory margin of safety in an effort to protect whole populations from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals like fluoride.

According to chapter 20 of Connett’s book, “The Case Against Fluoride:”

“It is not disputed that, at moderate to high doses, fluoride can cause serious health problems and other adverse effects.  The crucial question is whether there is a sufficient margin of safety between the doses that cause those effects and the doses experienced in fluoridated communities…this margin of safety has to be sufficiently large to protect everyone, including the most vulnerable, not just the average person.  Moreover, it has to be large enough to protect the whole population over a lifetime of exposure.”

It is reckless to continue promoting fluoridation when studies indicate that thyroid function and IQ in children can be lowered by fluoride exposure levels found in “optimally fluoridated” communities.  Because there is no adequate margin of safety, the practice ought to be discontinued immediately.  Click below to watch the video and learn more:

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Stay tuned! More short and engaging videos featuring experts discussing critical topics related to fluoride and fluoridation will continue to be released over the coming weeks and months.

Emperor Without Clothes

Clean Water Portland and Newport organizer Rick North–who has also recently joined FAN’s Board of Directors–has written a new OpEd featured in Oregon’s premier health-industry news publication, The Lund Report.  The comprehensive piece entitled, “Water Fluoridation is An Emperor Without Clothes,” highlights the absurdities of allowing politicians to indiscriminantly add a drug in the public’s drinking water supply.

Please read, share, and comment on the article.

Educate Your Own Community 

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by Rick North’s OpEd!  Please now use that inspiration to help educate your own community about the latest science and known risks associated with fluoridation.  Our supporters have had tremendous success getting countless letters to the editor published in their local papers over the years, and their efforts have educated thousands.

-Click here to send letters-to-the-editor to your local newspapers-

This is an easy way to educate residents, journalists, and community leaders simultaneously.  While we have set up an automated system to make sending the letters easier, for the greatest success we recommend cuting and pasting our letter content (found by following the link above) into your own personal email to your local newspapers.  You can usually find the email address to letter submission in the opinion section of a newspaper, or by searching the web for “[paper name] submit letter.”

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